Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday 7/23/2011

Chase bank finally got my savings account set up so that I can simply move money from the checking account to that account. I have decided to take the money that the trailer tenants are paying me each week and use that as the basis for funding it. My pay raise starts in August, hence the decision that I can simply afford to live where I am at and not miss the money. Oh, I am not actually moving the money from one account to another, now that I think about it, it's going to move by itself. Until I change it, it's a "permanent" setup. So, give it 10 months and if I can keep from touching it, it would have $1,600.00 in it.

Yeah, seems like something always comes up, but, maybe I'll get a "blessed" streak and not have any major outlays of cash for some unknown emergency. At least the AC seems to be holding out - which is a thing I shouldn't even have to worry about considering it's only 3 years old - but I had to replace the compressor after only 1 year of operation.

I guess I did not turn in 2009 taxes. I have never been good about tax time - I don't owe them I just don't do it. I received the second letter today with a demand to turn on 2009 taxes. What is the hard-on with 2009? I paid out a considerable amount of the money I earned to Federal taxes, ridiculous. Doesn't matter, it will all be done on Monday and they can eat it. And send me a check while they're at it. Have you ever considered how much you are paying out in city, county, state and federal income taxes? Do you consider beyond that? Cell phone taxes, home phone taxes, hotel taxes, property taxes, freaking taxed to death.

I am feeling much better - I'm far from done with this infection but I don't feel like I just got run over by a freight train. I was able to sit in my kitchen chair today instead of spending the entire day in bed - albeit I will undoubtedly end up going to bed early again tonight.

Ummm, and a lot of time passed.



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