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Monday 7/25/2011

Monday 7/25/2011

I have no idea how I feel this morning - I am half asleep still. My right eye was and is still extremely puffy this morning, yucky looking and no clue about that. One thing that has become obvious, I need to get a regular doctor and start seeing that person. This urgent care business is great for minor junk, but I don't really consider what I am going through right now to be minor.

Umm, so there is a lot of work to do today, unfortunately, it may drag well into the afternoon. I hope I can make it through all of that.

I finally received a not from the ops manager - just saw it in my company email box - I am getting $250 for the effort put forth in getting rid of that drip system junk. It's about half of what I expected, but it's better than nothing and I will just put a smile on my face and be happy I am getting anything. I don't know if that "spiff" is subjected to the higher tax rate or not, if it is, I will actually get about $140 of it. T…