Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday 7/25/2011

Monday 7/25/2011

I have no idea how I feel this morning - I am half asleep still. My right eye was and is still extremely puffy this morning, yucky looking and no clue about that. One thing that has become obvious, I need to get a regular doctor and start seeing that person. This urgent care business is great for minor junk, but I don't really consider what I am going through right now to be minor.

Umm, so there is a lot of work to do today, unfortunately, it may drag well into the afternoon. I hope I can make it through all of that.

I finally received a not from the ops manager - just saw it in my company email box - I am getting $250 for the effort put forth in getting rid of that drip system junk. It's about half of what I expected, but it's better than nothing and I will just put a smile on my face and be happy I am getting anything. I don't know if that "spiff" is subjected to the higher tax rate or not, if it is, I will actually get about $140 of it. This wasn't easy work, putting it mildly, it just seems way off for the time put into it, including personal time.

But, maybe the effort will be reflected in whatever fiscal year bonus might be coming our way, if any at all, haven't heard anything about that yet. I got a pretty good raise so it probably all pans out in the end, anyway. Perhaps I am just being grumpy because I am not 100% and not sure when I will get back to that magic number.

One certainly thinks about one's mortality when going through such things - sickness, that is. You know, like, will I ever get BACK to 100%? Certainly hope so, have to trust God on that one.

Umm, anyway, they changed their mind on who to send over here this week - Thank GOD almighty. They were going to send over a certain inside salesman who really doesn't have a clue about running a store. The inside salesman they ARE sending over definitely has a clue, has been over here before and doesn't sit around, "allowing" me to do ALL of the work as others have done. I don't have the energy right now to do all of the work, frankly, and I will be letting that guy know it right off the bat when he comes in. So sorry, sir, no can do all da work. I do some work, but not all.

Spoken with thick Chinese accent, lol.
July 25, 2011 6:01 AM
Anonymous said...
Allegedly, according to a news blip this morning, the NFL/players have reached a deal. Whoopdy doo. The spoiled brats sound about the same as Boeing's machinist's union that went on strike a few years ago and effectively shut Boeing down and are now making heck for Boeing in opening that new plant in one of the Carolina's: spoiled brats acting like 2 year olds. They make all kinds of freaking money - both sets mentioned and yet they can't ever be happy with it. I have no sympathy for any of them or it. If the there is no NFL this year, it's going to sour the taste for it for many, many fans. Maybe they won't quit watching, but maybe the sales of all of that branded stuff - hats, shirts, jerseys, etc etc etc ad nauseum might slink off a bit or even a lot. They make a LOT of money off of that stuff.

Just stupid people. The bantering in Washington. Obama threatening to veto any short term deal to get the debt ceiling raised. This artificial date set up saying "we are going to default on our loans on this date". The bleep we are. Again, Obama thinks Americans are stupid. The U.S. government is NOT going to stop taking in money on August 2cd. If the debt ceiling isn't raised, it won't be taking in ENOUGH money to cover the expenses. You really think we are going to default on our loans, considering how important the financial gurus state that staying current on them is so important not to just our economy, but the world economy? OTHER things will have to be cut, but please spare me the political bantering, because that is all it is.

Obama is using scare tactics and attempting to make the GOP look like the culprits. Yet the GOP is the side that is coming out with answers, I don't see the Dems doing much of anything but disagreeing with everything. Allegedly Reid, a dinosaur that needs to go home and retire, is coming up with his own budget.

Whatever. The Tea Party is the 'hindrance' on the Republican side in certain members taking a stance that they aren't budging from. That's because the Tea Party got those guys/gals in there and to shirk off of the platform that they used to get there would anger a whole set of people that can use their new-found influence to get them right back out again. They must realize that and they must therefore be taking an unmovable stance because of it.

Regardless, the pre-work day is done, I am going to work, wish me luck!


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