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Tuesday 7/26/2011


An unexpected side-effect from the antibiotics: the red patches on my face are beginning to disappear. At the same time, huge bags of puffiness appear below my right eye every morning when I wake up. Yuck.

Lots of running around to do today at work, but I am hopeful to have it all done somewhat early and get home - somewhat early.

Taxes. The accountant called and informed me that you cannot carryover loss on personal loss, only on business loss. That doesn't make any sense to me, but then again, the entire tax code doesn't mean a heckuva lot to me, either. I will call the IRS today to get their take on this. If they say no as well, then it's no and I will move on. I am still getting close to 3 grand back anyway, so it's not a total waste of time. Hmm, well reminding myself of that, I just found the IRS number online and input it into my phone. Sooner or later during the work day, I am going to have to sit and wait for someone at a construction site somewhere,…