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Wednesday 7/27/2011

I did not write an entry this morning because as soon as I got into work - about 5:25 am - I had to get on the clock and get to work. No biggies. I am starting to feel a bit closer to normal again, not quite there but definitely feeling better. However, I have had a pain in my side that I cannot explain and I did go back to the doc's today.

The doc said it is probably kidney stones. Can I please catch a break here? What is going on, anyway? One thing after another? I was directed to continue taking those unbelievable antibiotics until they are gone. I caved in. They make me feel like crap, but they are doing the job. After Saturday I won't have to take them anymore - unless, of course, the infection isn't gone and I go into some sort of relapse.

So, the doc says, time to give blood, another urine sample and a cat scan. A cat scan!! You know, I know lots of people that are terrified of those machines because you get sent into that chamber and apparently the do…