Friday, July 29, 2011


I was just about to call that camp up there in the mountains when my ex called me. After 16 years of marriage, some things are still weird. Timing and having the same thoughts about things that pertain to both of us at the same time and contacting each other at those same moments.

So, I told her I was just about to call up there. Got off the phone and got - whoever. That person explained they were having a dinner at the Spaghetti Factory in Phoenix at 5:30 for their crew and then they would be done around 7:30pm. Well, 7:30 is in about 20 minutes. I asked if they had rides back home or if my son was going to need a ride. Probably going to need a ride.

So, I call the ex back and let her know. Then, not 5 minute later, my son calls. Lol.

Now? It's a quarter day later and my son called just now: they JUST got there to that restaurant. It's 7:20 pm. By the time they get out of there? I will be wanting to be in bed, not driving to downtown Phoenix! I'm on day 9 of these antibiotics and a definitive pattern is going: take the pill about 3 or 4 in the afternoon, feel like crap for the rest of the day. The next day, feel slightly better but still fatigued until - the afternoon when we start the cycle all over again.

I finally scored a tent today. I had thought the one I was going for had "only been used twice", according to the ad, I must have gotten my ads mixed up and didn't realize what I was getting until I got to the Chandler Fashion Mall parking lot to meet the guy that was selling it. This thing is brand new. It was in an unopened box and clearly, once he pulled it out, it had never been out of it's carry-bag that comes with it before. This was a no-brainer.

Next? Lantern. Battery operated lantern, that is. A sleeping bag, a cooler, a 5 gallon water jug and a pad to put on the ground. Or, if I'm really going to spoil myself, a camp cot. The most expensive items are now out of the way.

Sent out the rest of the tax junk today. Not holding my breath: these circus clowns in Washington don't seem to be able to come together on this issue of raising the debt ceiling. They don't all look as equally bad, though, at least not to me. The House put something out, something the Senate or Obama has yet to do. They like to bad-mouth the GOP enough, but they haven't produced anything. Harry Reid needs to simply go away. Retire. Enjoy life, cause' buddy, your obnoxious attitude is repulsive at the very least. Oh, the point of this paragraph? IF the government shuts down/runs out of money, I don't necessarily see a tax return anytime in the near future.

My fishies are doing well. I am not acquiring anything else for those ponds. Haven't in a while, actually. Well, I take that back. Wasps or some related thing are eating up some of the particular varieties of plants I have in the ponds. Really annoying me. They sell a wasp thing at Home Depot - it lures them in there and they can't get out. Those things work GREAT for houseflies!!

Speaking of bugs, cockroaches. Since the "roach cleanout" that I paid $150 for, we have seen cockroaches. They have been back twice. They will be coming back a third time now. Though we have only seen a couple of them in a few weeks time, that's a couple too many. I will call them back - and back - and back until they get the problem eliminated, since that is their guarantee. Not like it was free, either. I despise cockroaches and I do not want them living in my home, period.

Well, guess I am getting offa here and waiting for a phone call.

Friday 7/29/2011


Sky overcast this morning. Nice. Not nice if it rains, this is month end and I believe fiscal year end as well. Bonuses depend on getting in as much as we can, job sites shut down because of rain would not be a good thing today.

Speaking of work, our company is having a "year-end" party. Fiscal year end, that is and this time? Dave & Buster's. Pretty much it's a free-for-all at these parties, but they haven't thrown one in 3 years like this. The last few years have been at parks or the GM's house because corporate wasn't allowing the expenditure to spend buccoo bucks for an open bar and unlimited entertainment options at this kind of place.

Well, anyway, Caleb comes home today. I'm guessing 2 months in that kind of environment and coming back to this environment is going to have an ajustment period. Up in the mountains, cool, clean air, not too much weighing on you and then back to the big city - yuck!

Oh, I forgot about his trip to CA. Well that's only going to be a week, allegedly and the back here.

Umm, I'm still out of it. 2 more days of this antibiotic and it's done. Dunno whether the infection is gone or not, just don't want to take any more of this junk. I haven't been wanting to take this stuff since 2 days after starting it.

I'm tired of the debt-ceiling talk. I wonder how serious these debt scoring companies REALLY are with their talk about down-grading America's credit rating. They would be screwing themselves along with everyone else in the American boat. Just curious if it isn't a bunch of hot air, steam included for free. Maybe throw in a few smoke and mirrors while you're at it.

I got my spiff for doing the selloff of the drip irrigation junk. Not very much money for all the time dumped into it. I would have been happy at minimum $500 for all of what I put up with in getting that stuff sold. Nothing I can do about it, there was no specified amount given when I started in on that venture and so, I only have myself to blame. At the same time, when I did start that venture, I had NO idea how long it was going to take or how many phone calls, emails and ads I was going to have to take and place.

Live and learn.

Ending this one.



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