Monday, August 1, 2011

Sickness and other junk

Finally "vindicated" with this prostate infection and the absolute pain that one endures. My mother told me my dad used to get that and it was EXTREMELY painful and that he would have to take a week off of work! It's like no-one believes me when I say I have (or had, now) this infection and how much hell it is.

Yet, I have an eye infection. It is glaringly obvious even from 50 feet away, I know this because a contractor asked me if I got into a fight. Ummm, no, why? Your eye!! One of our salesmen this morning said: "You probably already know this, but your right eye is blood red". Yeah, I know, it's infected, I am on antibiotic drops to deal with it, thanks. You seem to only get "sympathy" if anyone can see what your malady is. Well, I am not dropping my drawers for anyone except a doctor and even if I did, you wouldn't SEE anything unusual. Whatever. Just an observation. The prostate infection makes this eye infection look like like chocolate pie with whipped cream on top is all I am saying here.

My manager - forgot - about my vacation request. I had heard nothing back from him on it, but the main branch manager emailed him today asking him if I could post-pone my vacation. I heard my manager on the phone talking about it and he asked me while still on the phone: did you ask for a vacation? What vacation?

Remember when I submitted the request about 6 weeks ago? I'm pretty sure he didn't feel too great about completely forgetting a vacation request and I had already blown it off: it was not going to happen, don't ask me how I knew that I don't really know, but the main manager verified that thought. We are opening a new store in Yuma and our main branch is going to be sending truckloads of material down there - meaning they will be short-handed and a vacation isn't going to happen.

I am going to say that it's probably good that it has been post=poned. I was going to try at least 1 night of camping, but I don't have all the gear yet. I am working on it, but my pricing and other people's pricing don't always agree on Craigslist items. I make an offer and if they don't accept it, I move on unless they make a counter-offer that is reasonable, which they usually do not make. I do not get in a hurry when trying to acquire things via Craigslist or eBay - or a gun auction.

I am currently bidding on a Smith and Wesson 40VE (40 caliber). It's in "fine" condition, which is good enough for me, the real thing is the price of this baby: it's not gotten out of hand on the bidding but, there are still 3 hours left. I have wanted a shotgun and a handgun for some time now. I have the shotgun, I want the handgun. I have a bid on that is bidding in proxy for anyone that might try to step it up - but the high bid I have on that proxy is also as high as I will go. If I lose, I will just start over again.

The anti-gun crowd can say what you want, but the fact that law-abiding citizens are able to carry concealed gives criminals a reason to be apprehensive when thinking about robbing people. Who knows who has a gun hidden on them? Look, there are FAR more gun advocates in this nation than there are those that are against guns. Just because the anti-gun people have a loud voice doesn't mean that the over-whelming majority of Americans are NOT anti-gun, whether they own one or not.

The situation in Norway with that killer going on an hour and a half killing spree would not have happened that long if that country had laws allowing civilians to carry. If some crazed killer was coming at me shooting everyone in his way and just shooting everyone, I wouldn't think twice about pulling a pistol and firing at him. There isn't any valid argument that a person can make that would sway me from acquiring guns and learning how to use them. I don't have little kids running around my house, which is a decent argument, I guess, if you are a reckless gun owner and don't have the guns locked away from their reach. There is no compelling reason, in my view, to not own a gun unless you don't feel you could kill someone.

You see, if someone comes into my house with a gun drawn and I happen to have a pistol or a 12 gauge shotgun handy, rest assured that person is going to die if they don't shoot me first. Arizona DOES have it's version of the "Castle" doctrine. In your home, you do not have to "retreat" first. You have the legal right to shoot a person that is threatening yours or someone else's life. In fact, that doctrine does not just apply to inside your home. The key factor is that you must believe (validly) that your life is in danger. In Arizona, if you come upon a person that is raping another person, you can kill them. I have read this straight from the statutes, not from someone's opinion, btw. A person in the act of rape can be shot dead, period.

The Debt ceiling. Now that the information has come out that there CAN be revenue increase after Boehner said it wasn't possible on this latest bill, I am looking for Tea Party backed senators and House members to take a definitive stand against it and frankly, I hope they do and I hope it's enough to stop this bill from going through. The federal government takes in ENOUGH money, DEAL WITH IT!!

College and my son. My ex wife doesn't quite get it. She wants to do all the leg work for him in finding out how to get grants and filling out the forms. I'm all for Caleb going to college and all for whatever grants he might qualify for, if any, but at the age of 18, I am NOT all for trying to do EVERYTHING for him. I think the best thing to do is sit down WITH him and have him fill out the forms and help him along the way if necessary. I don't really believe we learn much in life if we have everyone doing everything for us. You can't really fend for yourself very well if you DON'T LEARN HOW TO FEND FOR YOURSELF. My son isn't stupid, but he will stand aside when either of his parents are attempting to "take control", a thing I pretty much abandoned with him a while back and definitely now since he's considered adult age. Adults should learn how to cope with life.

I'm done, and yes I am starting to feel better now that I am off those horrid antibiotics. Okay, they aren't "horrid", they just drain me of energy and make me feel like - jello, as I stated in an earlier post. Amazing I made it through last week feeling like that. I am at - 70% now. The eye infection has been giving me headaches and I can still feel the effects of those powerful antibiotics, so I am definitely no where near 100%. Not that I am complaining, I have been sleeping like a baby for the most part on those pills, something I don't normally get for that many days in a row.


Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...