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Sickness and other junk

Finally "vindicated" with this prostate infection and the absolute pain that one endures. My mother told me my dad used to get that and it was EXTREMELY painful and that he would have to take a week off of work! It's like no-one believes me when I say I have (or had, now) this infection and how much hell it is.

Yet, I have an eye infection. It is glaringly obvious even from 50 feet away, I know this because a contractor asked me if I got into a fight. Ummm, no, why? Your eye!! One of our salesmen this morning said: "You probably already know this, but your right eye is blood red". Yeah, I know, it's infected, I am on antibiotic drops to deal with it, thanks. You seem to only get "sympathy" if anyone can see what your malady is. Well, I am not dropping my drawers for anyone except a doctor and even if I did, you wouldn't SEE anything unusual. Whatever. Just an observation. The prostate infection makes this eye infection look like l…