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Wednesday 8/3/2011

If one is eye infected, why not go for 2 for the same money? My eyes are itching. REALLY itching, it's hard to keep my fingers off of them. I would have expected the antibiotics to have at least started to do the job of healing it by now, but my right eye is still blood red and the left eye isn't far behind it.

People are going to think I have been smoking pot!

I was standing at the M-Power machine yesterday, waiting for a character to finish. I was watching him shoving singles/dollar bills into the machine. He was covered with sweat. I think he put 4 bills in there, enough electricity to do what? Have a hot shower? Before he was finished, he looked up at me, eyes as bloodshot as mine, though I suspect for completely different reason. I felt it coming: can you spare some money?

He had that look and there was no other reason for the guy to be looking at me. He scratched his head and apparently decided it wasn't worth it, finished the $4 transaction and left.

I se…