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Caleb's Rap / Handgun

My son made a rap video with some friends.  

So, I took the gun in today to a gunsmith. This gun looks brand new, like it hasn't been fired very many times, but I still don't trust it, it belonged to someone else and who knows. I'm not going to have the thing blowing up in my face and paying a dear price for my ignorance on guns and whether they really are in good enough shape to fire and not have any problems with it.

So, I took the whole thing in there - carrying case with gun, 2 clips - one of them loaded - and all. The guy opens the case, looks at it, starts messing with it, inserts the empty clip, looks at it again: This gun is in new condition, there is nothing wrong with it. If there IS something wrong, the worst it's going to do is jam/misfire, but it's not going to blow up in your face and you don't have to worry about it. Take it to the range, run some rounds through it and make sure it runs them okay. If not, you can send it to Smith & Wess…

Thursday 8/4/2011

Church last night. Prophetic training. Totally out of that realm, I plan on getting my mind, soul and heart back into it. I haven't engaged in such in well over 7 years and it was like starting over. But it was cool.

Rained cats and dogs last night, but mostly dogs, thankfully, as I don't really like cats. More to the point, I won't have to water my plants for a while as the ground is saturated, a good thing.

I have had a couple of replies to my most recent ad for a travel trailer or RV in "decent" condition. Meaning everything works. If the carpet is trashed, no problem, but the propane lines and water lines should be in tact and the holding tanks should be without leaks, amongst other things. Oh, and definitely the electricity should work throughout the trailer. One lady had hers listed at $1,300 in fair condition (which, if it really IS in fair condition, it would work). She then contacted me and offered it for $1,000.00. I rejected that offer and offered $70…

New Company Policy - CSA 2010

Today, something that I figured would happen, did.
I didn't know exactly WHAT they were going to implement, but I figured that they would make some kind of rule or policy concerning commercial drivers within our company relating to the CSA regulations that have come about that make a warning as bad as getting an actual ticket.

The company is having every driver read and sign a document. The document lists infractions and what is going to happen to you. Basically, if you get pulled over and are giving a ticket or a warning, you will be issued a written warning by the company and you take a day off without pay. If it happens a second time, you get another written warning and you are docked another day's pay. If it happens a third time within 12 consecutive months, bye bye, baby, you are history.

This is a side-effect of the new regulations that I knew was going to happen when I started examining these new regulations last year: companies will have no choice but to get rid of dr…