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I have been looking for a trailer for the "homeless" couple for a while now. I mean, I have one that they are living in, but it's not very nice.
My search was accelerated today in going to 2 different places to try and find one. The first was in Casa Grande, a 47 mile, one-way drive to get there and see - another old trailer that was allegedly in good condition.

The problem a lot of older trailers have is damage from a roof that has leaked from rains at some point or another. It doesn't look good and worse, it's a lot of work to properly fix the problem. A LOT of work. Upon looking at this trailer, I had hopes, but that was the outside of the thing.\
Going in? Well, I mean, really. The flooring was buckling under my weight - meaning old and will have to be replaced. The ceiling was not only buckled in 2 places, it had caved in. Obvious water leak damage. Paneling on the walls was dry rotted or peeling. The aesthetics of this trailer? Not very nice.…

Saturday 8/6/2011

Standard and Poor can go piss off. The government did not default on it's debt, downgrading the U.S. credit rating was a dumb move, IMO. Although I don't think too highly of the circus clowns we have running the Federal Government, I highly doubted the entire time this carnival atmosphere going on over there was ever going to actually end up with the US not paying it's bills, even IF the debt ceiling wasn't raised in time.

Tenant moving out today. He owes me money and I am going to get right in his face and demand it about the time he starts moving junk out. Though, I was informed a few minutes ago he was already moving stuff out half the night. His car is parked out front, so he is at least still here so that I CAN confront him on the unpaid rent issue. Meanwhile, I got busy this morning and posted a room rental ad on Craigslist. Going to get even busier once he's gone and go in there and clean the carpet - and whatever else needs cleaned or repaired.���…

Friday 8/5/2011

It was just wonderful to come in here this morning - work that is -- and have the alarm go off. Why? Because the keypad to disarm it isn't working correctly. I tried to press the first number in the passcode - I don't know, maybe 50 times?....and it would register.

So, the monitoring company calls, is everything alright? Yes, excepting this blasted alarm! I was sitting here for 15 minutes listening to this shrill, high-pitched noise going off in my ears.

Gag. Here's a good one: all of a 2 day notice for moving out. Cool, huh? This was from Rey, last night, who walks in and gives me the news. "Thanks for the advance notice, Rey". I was obviously not happy about getting such a short, abrupt notice. He is moving back to Tucson. He cannot hold a job down, anyway. Too long a story to go into right now, don't feel like it.

I just love it, though, when people play games like this. Whatever. This is like the 4th or 5th time he has announced that he is movin…