Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday 8/7/2011

So Rey - left the room trashed. Left in the middle of the night, now I know why. The carpet has huge stains on it, there is trash laying around all over the place and it's basically going to take some time to clean all of that up. This is easily the worst that any one has ever left a room. Only Mary comes close because of all the holes she put in the walls for hanging pictures and junk, but that really wasn't that hard to fix. I may very well have to replace the carpet in that room.


Long interlude. I decided that attempting to clean that mess up with my home carpet cleaning machine would be a waste of time and probably wouldn't get it all up AND, if that being the case, it would be permanently stained. I found a company on Craigslist who said they would be out here between 12 and 1:00 pm. That done, I started looking for a new mattress for that room, the one I had in there was trashed. Found what I was looking for on Craigslist and that is being delivered between 2 and 3.

Meanwhile, I am attempting to decide whether to go to church today or not. A lot of distraction in my mind usually means I may not get much out of church plus I wanted to be here when the guy showed up to clean the carpet. But, I decided that not going to church wasn't an alternative, making lame excuses simply wouldn't cut it. So I went. I had shut off the ringers on my phones, both of them were ringing and showing missed calls.

I tuned that out and got into the worship and then received the message that was delivered, but near the end of it, I can admit I was getting ancy, I wanted out of there and the more I wanted out of there, the long it went on. Things always seem to work out that way. I did get quite a lot out of the message today, including feeling some amount of remorse for the words that I spoke about the now ex-tenant. I can get mad and really dish out the - verbage - to say the least. Words can be powerful weapons, even IF the person you are speaking the negativity about doesn't hear what you are saying.

I got out of the service and called the carpet cleaning guy back - he was on of the messages left. He answered, I told him who I was and he said: "Oh, are you the one with the Great Danes?". If people don't remember anything else about my place, they ALWAYS remember the giant dogs! Yes. Well, he replied, I have already been to your house and the job is finished. I had left the money with the trailer tenants to pay him in case I wasn't going to get home in time. The man saved the carpet, too. It is completely clean and there is no residue or even "dying" of the carpet from whatever had been dumped. It was money well-spent in this case, new carpeting would have cost much more.

So, the only other thing is the new bed. I wasn't about to try and re-rent that room with that mattress in there.

There has been a noticeable change in the atmosphere around here with this man gone - a very GOOD change. I'm going to have to own up to the idea that when a person comes into my home and is not a good fit, even if they are paying rent on time, they need to go. It only takes one person to sour the mood of an entire household and now that he's gone........well I just didn't realize how much of a negative influence he had on this house.

Another time lapse.

New bed arrived. Very comfortable. Room is almost done. Needs a few spots painted on the walls but that's it. A couple of bites from some people looking for rooms - I have not responded yet. Just plain don't feel like it, I have done enough for a Sunday and I still have pond stuff to deal with. I don't think I want to show the room to anyone today, but it's good to get all of that mess cleaned up, the mattress replaced and the carpet cleaned and have it ready to go. I am not OCD about cleaning, but if there is a room in my house that I know that is gross, to me, it makes the whole house feel like it's nasty.

Yes, indeed, it's after 3:00 pm and it's time to take it easy. The ponds can wait, just have to feed the fish at the very least.

Had a discussion with Caleb. He said he's taking the week off. I simply replied that the longer you wait to get back to work, the harder it is to get back into it. I know this for a fact, didn't make it up. But that's up to him. I will give him another freebie week, but after that? He better start doing something - college; work; or even ministry. I don't care which, but I will not have him sitting around here idle forever. Don't get me wrong, he's a GREAT kid and I KNEW there would be some time lapse to adjust to going from what he was doing at that camp to coming back to the big city, but life isn't offered to us as "easy". I have a slew of troubles in life, the tenant issue above is just one of them. But, keep on plugging, keep on moving and now? Really seeking the Lord.



Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...