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Sunday 8/7/2011

So Rey - left the room trashed. Left in the middle of the night, now I know why. The carpet has huge stains on it, there is trash laying around all over the place and it's basically going to take some time to clean all of that up. This is easily the worst that any one has ever left a room. Only Mary comes close because of all the holes she put in the walls for hanging pictures and junk, but that really wasn't that hard to fix. I may very well have to replace the carpet in that room.


Long interlude. I decided that attempting to clean that mess up with my home carpet cleaning machine would be a waste of time and probably wouldn't get it all up AND, if that being the case, it would be permanently stained. I found a company on Craigslist who said they would be out here between 12 and 1:00 pm. That done, I started looking for a new mattress for that room, the one I had in there was trashed. Found what I was looking …