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Monday 8/8/2011

Monday 8/8/2011
So here's the situation.
Rey left Saturday night in the middle of the night. He had told me earlier that day that his ex-wife was going to come over on Sunday to pay me the rest of what he owes me. I didn't believe a word he was saying at the time he said it and voiced my concern about him just taking off and leaving me hanging.

But what am I supposed to do. The next morning, yesterday/Sunday, I go look in his room. An utter and total disaster. Had to have a carpet cleaning company come over and get all the goo out of the carpet.

Come last night, about 7:30 pm. I call Rey. He doesn't answer, some woman/his newest/millionth girlfriend answers. Says Rey is at work. Funny, Rey doesn't start work until this week. Funier: Rey never goes ANYWHERE without his cellphone. She hangs up on me, I call back. We do this a few times, Rey just didn't want to speak to me, I was going to force the issue.

I call back again. This time a girl answers the pho…