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Tuesday 8/9/2011

So, the situation carries on. Rey calls me - on my home phone not my cell phone (he never calls me on my home phone is the point) and leaves a message that "whatever you did to that girl, I am not going to pay you what I owe you. I hope you please take me to court", blah blah, blah: yada, yada, yada.

I called him back and of course he didn't answer his phone. I left him a message: Number one, I didn't even speak to that girl, 2, YOU left the room trashed and 3, I will be happy to take you to court as you have no case to stand on, you will lose.

Left it at that. For now. Wondering if the Phoenix police are going to show up to my doorstep. Who knows.

Completely changing the subject as that man and his BS are certainly not worth the dog s*** the man's morals are made out of and definitely not worth wasting more than a few minutes of my time here and there on, it looks as if my vacation is going to occur next week.

I have been so preoccupied with other thi…