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First, I have been tired all day. I had allergies that kept me up last night and I might have gotten 3 hours of sleep. The hard part was that I was cranking all day long, non-stop plus the heat. On top of that, when I got back to the yard and thought I was done for the day, well, I find out I have another run I have to do. I delivered in excess of 100k worth of material today to 4 different locations plus pickups, so the OT is obviously warranted. I found out today that i do have next week off, so I was happy to get the final run in today, even if tired.

But you know, when you get off of work after working that many hours without a break and toiling in the hot sun, you don't really want to do anything. It normally doesn't work out that way for me when I am feeling like that, today was no different. I had forgotten to buy dog food yesterday on the way home from work - I was out - couldn't forget today. The dogs got 3 pounds of hamburger meat I had in the freezer y…

Wednesday 8/10/2011


So, I get on the computer at home this morning, check Facebook and here is another message from Rey, the ex-slob-tenant. He informs me is "god", screwed my mother all night long and that "I am coming up to Phoenix in 2 weeks, we need to put on some boxing gloves you need to be respecting me" and other BS that isn't really worth going into.

The problem Rey is having in this situation is that one of his best friends - she went to high school with him and has known him all his life - also likes me. Not in a sexual way, just that Rey brought her to my house when he was in the alleged car accident for her to help him. We hit it right off. So, Rey calls her up and she is giving him an earful, more than just one ration of stuff, telling him to pay me the rent he owes me.

Meanwhile, Rey is claiming his ex-wife came over and left the money on my table, which is a large load of donkey-dung. My continual question is: please send me her phone number so I can cal…