Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday 8/11/2011


The work week won't end fast enough for me, at least this one, knowing that I have a week off coming next week. At least the work load has been extremely busy and there isn't any idle time. Today is definitely going to be no different. There is a full day's work in the truck routing system.

No, I haven't heard anything more from Rey. I am going to send him another one-liner note: Please send me Juanita's phone number to verify that she tried to bring the rent money over here. Rey believes his own lies, when he makes something up, he seems to actually believe it's true.

Next week, my son "better" be going to get a job back at Albertson's, if they will even reinstate him. If not that place, then he better start hitting the streets and putting out the applications. I understand that as soon as school got out, he headed to the mountains to work for 2 months, but he's 18 now and life isn't going to get any easier. \

No real bites yet on the room. I figured this wouldn't be an easy one at this time of the year. I'm also not budging on the price, it is hardly unreasonable and I just don't want to go any lower. I have had a couple of ASU students looking for a room - but they don't want to move in for another month. I don't want to wait that long if I don't have to.

I would rather find someone within the next week and get the thing occupied and get the money flowing in.

Whatever the case, that's enough for this one.


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