Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday 8/12/2011

Yayyyy! Last day of work before getting 9 straight days off. The only thing I have determined to do is go up to my mother's property and have an overnight stay to visit with her. I talk to her once or twice a week, but I haven't seen her since early this year. She doesn't know, yet, that I am coming up there, lol, I just planned that one yesterday.

That is, providing she will be up there. But, she just left last weekend and probably is going to be up there for 3 weeks anyway.

The trailer is hopefully going to be delivered tomorrow sometime. This will be the last of any "big" expenditures - sans any kind of emergency such AC going out or something - and I am still waiting on my federal tax return, the state one came in dropping another $1,500 into my bank account.

Umm, I haven't told them about the intended delivery date yet - so I guess I better do that today, lol. But, really, all they will have to do is get it ready to be moved to the street and then back again. They won't be moving out of it until they get the other one ready, though I expect that won't take them long. The hard part is that that giant cooler will have to be moved from one roof to the other - gag.

Umm, I watched most of the debate last night between the GOP candidates. I thought the question asking Bachman if she would "submit" to her husband in making presidential decision was totally out of line and fairly demeaning as well. Fox did not do a good job of keeping the candidates under control. It was basically a circus type thing and the dude running it - whatever his name is - probably should be replaced with someone else if they are doing any of these debates again.

It was entertaining at least at some points, though, I will grant that.

Whatever the case, there is a small amount of work in the truck routing system and then? Hope to get off a bit early and start vacation - a bit early!



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