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Friday 8/12/2011

Yayyyy! Last day of work before getting 9 straight days off. The only thing I have determined to do is go up to my mother's property and have an overnight stay to visit with her. I talk to her once or twice a week, but I haven't seen her since early this year. She doesn't know, yet, that I am coming up there, lol, I just planned that one yesterday.

That is, providing she will be up there. But, she just left last weekend and probably is going to be up there for 3 weeks anyway.

The trailer is hopefully going to be delivered tomorrow sometime. This will be the last of any "big" expenditures - sans any kind of emergency such AC going out or something - and I am still waiting on my federal tax return, the state one came in dropping another $1,500 into my bank account.

Umm, I haven't told them about the intended delivery date yet - so I guess I better do that today, lol. But, really, all they will have to do is get it ready to be moved to the street and th…