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Saturday 8/13/2011

I had this wild hair of an idea to get up, get in the car and drive up to the mountains and visit my mom today out of the blue. I would call her first, of course, to make sure she was available. Then I remembered: the trailer is supposed to be moved over here today. Probably not until later this afternoon, but I can't really go anywhere until that is done, meaning a trip anywhere but to a store isn't going to happen today.

I am going to call them a little later - it's not even 7:00 am yet - and see if it's going to happen today or not. I woke up relatively early today - 4:45am, about 25 minutes later than I normally wake up for work. The flip side of that story is that I went to bed at 8:30 pm last night and I slept pretty darn well if I do say so myself. No sense laying around in bed all day long when you are as rested as you are going to get for one night's sleep.

I told Caleb last night that I am off for the next 9 days. He mentioned the trip I had th…

Quik Trip - QT - Truckstop At 51st Avenue And I-10 In Phoenix, Arizona Piss Poor Customer Service

I tend to write in my blog about poor experiences with stores if the store or the district management or even corporate management doesn't do anything to rectify the situation. The negative stuff ends up on the top of Google searches and that doesn't usually sit well with corporate suits who don't want that kind of bad press.

I have other methods as well. For example, the Quik Trip/QT at 48th Street and Baseline. When it first opened, the service was terrible. LOTS of people waiting in line for one single cashier. I remember one time standing there with fully 15 people ahead of me. There were 2 other cash registers, why couldn't they call someone else up to help this out? I took matters into my own hands, found the manager and asked why he only had one cashier with THAT many people waiting? The situation didn't get better - until I started talking with the District Manager or whatever his title is. I made several phone calls to him about that store and a…