Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday 8/14/2011

Unbelievable church service today.
Let me clarify that: unbelievably GOOD church service today. The worship service was incredible. The preaching was right on spot.
My son was asked to get up and give his testimony and it was the icing on the cake to a service that had the feeling of heaven on earth.
The end of the service everyone went up front and we all prayed, sought the Lord and sang together. You can't really put into words a thing like this, you can only describe it with the words available and hope it comes across at least a bit like what the experience was like.

I came home - to find the new trailer in the driveway. These people called me just before the service started while I was in church and told me they were leaving. I told them I wasn't there. I fought an internal war this morning about going to church or not. Those people were supposed to show up around 8:00 to pull one trailer out, put the other one in and then put the old one back in front of it. Instead, I am getting a call at around 9:55 am. I said go ahead and take it over there, the trailer tenants know it's coming and are ready to deal with it. And deal with it they did. I had to fight the desire to get out of there and go home and make sure this deal was done as I had instructed them to do, but in the end, I figured I would stay in church and what happens - happens.

Don't regret that decision, I can assure you. The new trailer was parked exactly where I wanted it parked - I had set out lines in the dirt where I wanted the sides and the end. The old one was parked about a foot out in front of it.

That's it. Found out the thing has a 220 plug, so I am going to have to finish the project I had started earlier this year in installing an outdoor circuit breaker board. I abandoned that project because I was going to have to buy some very expensive wire to run from the main board to it. I mean, like $250 just to get power from point A to point B. I have modified that and the breaker box will be within 10 feet of the main breaker. This will still cost me $50 in wire, but that's better than that other price tag. I can run a 220 breaker off of it, run a plug directly outside of it and plug the trailer into it.

Mark was like: I am plugging the thing in but it trips the breaker every time. Yes, because you are plugging in a 220 volt plug into a 110 volt outlet. He couldn't understand why it didn't work, since the outlets in the trailer are 110. Yup, but the plug is 220. Trust me, when we get 220 going, it won't trip the breakers! Lol.

Oh, on the way home from church. Well, I haven't been to Subway in about 4 or 5 months now. I thought on the way home to stop and get a sandwich. I asked Caleb if he wanted to stop and get something to eat, he said no, I'm good. I replied well, I'm stopping at Subway, it'll only take a minute. Subway? Oh, he replies, I'll go there!! They have a Sunday special to try and lure people in. Anyway, we go in there and I start talking to the employees - if anyone there was over the age of 16 I would have been surprised. So, Caleb starts talking to this "kid" behind the counter as if he knew him from the past.

Okay. We just got out of church. A black girl says "I wish I could have gone to church today" and recites the food prayer: God is great, God is good and we ask Him to bless this food, amen. I said amen and that got the three of them back there talking about church. The kid that Caleb had talked to rings up our sandwiches, asks if we want any drinks or chips. I automatically say no, I don't buy that stuff at a place like that. He pulls out 2 cups and gives them to us anyway, lol.

After we left, I asked Caleb if he knew the kid from school. No, he replies, actually, he had been in there last week and the kid was telling him about how his sister's baby had died. Caleb had prayer with that kid right there, in the store!!

Whatta day. I'm telling you. I'm sitting here in awe of the Lord. I am starting to feel like I used to before the divorce some 7 years ago. Life has been on auto pilot for some time now. I knew and know that, didn't want to do anything else. I feel like I can really start thinking about making some new friends in that church and starting to fellowship with other believers again. It was an extra added bonus today that I didn't have to deal with those trailers - at all - and that it was done the way I wanted it done.

The day isn't over, lol, but I am not expecting anyone over so I guess I'll just call it a day, look at the news - though I am getting very sick of the political rhetoric from both sides - see if there's anything on TV, get some things done around here.


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