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Sunday 8/14/2011

Unbelievable church service today.
Let me clarify that: unbelievably GOOD church service today. The worship service was incredible. The preaching was right on spot.
My son was asked to get up and give his testimony and it was the icing on the cake to a service that had the feeling of heaven on earth.
The end of the service everyone went up front and we all prayed, sought the Lord and sang together. You can't really put into words a thing like this, you can only describe it with the words available and hope it comes across at least a bit like what the experience was like.

I came home - to find the new trailer in the driveway. These people called me just before the service started while I was in church and told me they were leaving. I told them I wasn't there. I fought an internal war this morning about going to church or not. Those people were supposed to show up around 8:00 to pull one trailer out, put the other one in and then put the old one back in front of it. Inste…