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Got up at 4:15 am after a miserable night's sleep. I don't normally do expensive hotels, this time was not different. I have been in Motel 6's all over the country and never had any huge problems with them. Sometimes some minor issues, but nothing too serious.

This Motel 6 has 2 buildings: the first is the regular style Motel 6 with 2 stories, the other is a 4 story building. I have never seen a Motel 6 with 4 stories.

Anyway, there was nothing but noise all night long. I might have gotten 1 hour of sleep. I am a very light sleeper: doors slamming and people troucing on the floors above me will keep me awake. And that, they did. I could not beleive the amount of noise going on at 1, 2 and 3 am not to mention the hours preceeding it.

Well, the good thing about this hotel is that it's 10 minutes from the sportfishing company. We did all the precursory stuff, got on the boat and waited. About 25 people showed up. It was still dark as well. It was also cold …