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Thursday 8/18/2011

We went to bed at 9:00 last night at the motel and got up at 7:00 am. That is how tired out we were. I was still thinking about going to Sea World anyway, even though my head was "swirling about", I figured get me a couple of cups of coffee and I would be good. Caleb got up and asked if we were leaving. I said no, not right away. Well, what are we doing, then?

I had asked him the day before if he wanted to go to Sea World and he definitely wanted to go. But looking at him this morning and hearing his tone of voice and "body suggestions", I figured out quickly that he was not into doing anything but going home. I brought up the subject but gave an out. He smiled and said yes, rather go home. In looking at him - I quickly assessed that going to Sea World all day long and then coming home and then - trying to go to work tomorrow probably would not be a good idea, so I said let's go - home that is!

Not much more to the trip home, I offered to let him driv…