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Friday 8/19/2011

Well, hoping for the tax return to arrive in the mail was a waste of time. I checked on it through the IRS online checker - it isn't even going to be sent out until the 26th.

Meanwhile, I am getting more bites on the room. Someone is supposed to come over today to look at it, plus a couple of more who want to see it tomorrow. Hopefully I will get that room rented out soon.

Meanwhile, the other room with the Army reservist who has disappeared? Well she came in and moved a bunch of stuff out, apparently, while I was on vacation. Great, but she didn't finish the job and I need her stuff out of there as I have a person that wants to move in at or before the end of the month. I have subsequently posted a notice of abandonment on her door since her situation meets all of the legal criteria and since it's obvious she is leaving. Why she is playing games, I don't know, it would be easier if she would just get all of her stuff out of there now and be done with it.

As f…