Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday 8/19/2011

Well, hoping for the tax return to arrive in the mail was a waste of time. I checked on it through the IRS online checker - it isn't even going to be sent out until the 26th.

Meanwhile, I am getting more bites on the room. Someone is supposed to come over today to look at it, plus a couple of more who want to see it tomorrow. Hopefully I will get that room rented out soon.

Meanwhile, the other room with the Army reservist who has disappeared? Well she came in and moved a bunch of stuff out, apparently, while I was on vacation. Great, but she didn't finish the job and I need her stuff out of there as I have a person that wants to move in at or before the end of the month. I have subsequently posted a notice of abandonment on her door since her situation meets all of the legal criteria and since it's obvious she is leaving. Why she is playing games, I don't know, it would be easier if she would just get all of her stuff out of there now and be done with it.

As for the Quik Trip incidents, well, that is now being taken care of. No, I have not spent much time on this one - at all. This morning I have received a couple of phone calls from a couple of individuals from both their corporate and district office. QT's do not operate - or are not supposed to operate - in the manner in which the series of incidents occurred. I'll see what actually happens in the near future.

Just showed the room. A couple getting divorced, wanting to alternate weeks living in the room and spending the other time with their kids (they are keeping their house and alternating back and forth by the week with the kids). Interesting situation to say the least. I could tell when they left, though, that they were not interested in it. Another guy coming to look at it later. I have gotten pretty good at determining who is really interested and who is not.

At this point in today, Caleb has been at his job for 2 hours and 15 minutes. They have him down for learning how to operate/run a register. If he stays there a bit longer this time, he will undoubtedly start earning more money. But, at his age, life is about the experience and I believe the Lord has a great experience in store for him! No telling what direction it will go, but if it's in ministry, I will FULLY support him in such and that is that.

I cooked up some of that Sea Bass a while ago. I have never had Sea Bass. I put a few spices on it and cooked it on low heat with olive oil. Wow!!! I am having more in a little while is all I can say about that!! I will be trying the "orange" fish tomorrow.

This entry a work in progress. Caleb returned home, excited about his prospects. He received rave reviews from management of his first day back at work. He had done things other employees at his level wouldn't do. Okay, willingness, a good sign. They offered to train him as a cashier, he obviously accepted.

There is more, but I don't feel like it. I started this entry this morning and now? It's 9:00pm. Lol.



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