Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday 8/20/2011

So the trailer tenants find a phone laying on the ground today. They bring it home and - hadn't actually done anything to find it's owner. So, I ask them to get the phone and I will start calling contacts on it to find out who the owner is and try to get it back to that person. I call several numbers - dad, mom, a couple of most recent calls, no answer.

Then the phone rings. Guy demanding the phone back, wants to come over and get it. Lynnette had answered. But she had listened to the previous messages, it wasn't a guy's phone, it at least seemingly belongs to a woman from the messages. So I just told her to hang up on him. She did and shut the phone off. Well - I get done with what I am doing which is installing an outdoor electrical panel - a story in itself - and I get the phone and turn it back on.

The guy calls again. That is MY phone!! Oops, forgot a part here: I had called a number named Nicole and this guy had called back, saying it was his phone. I didn't know WHOSE phone it was, trying to sort it out. The guy gets mad - out of the blue - and starts cussing me out!! I'm like: you want your phone back, if it IS yours, and you are cussing ME out?!!! He cussed me some more and then I got mad. I'm only human. I told him if he wanted to act that way, I would smash the phone into a million pieces and dump into the trash can.

And then I hung up on him, turned the phone off and removed the battery. But, I decided after a while to put the battery back and and turn the phone back on. Phone rings again. This time a woman speaks. She says it's his phone but the account is in her name. On and on. This is Nicole, not some dude. They are a couple, have kids, want the phone back. Great, I said, I will be taking it to the Cricket store and you can get it from there. She starts preaching to me: you sound like a "nice" person and starts going into how we should forgive each other.

Great, but this isn't about forgiveness, I respond, and please don't start preaching to me: this is about MY safety. I am NOT going to meet up with you anywhere after that guy got mad and cussing, certainly you aren't getting my address to come pick it up. It's amazing how brazen these people were. Yes, it is not my phone, but yes, if I lost my phone I wouldn't act all cocky or bitchy and start cussing people out. I would, instead, be thankful that they found and that they were willing to give it back!!

Whatever. Today's dealing was to install the outdoor panel. Which meant going to Home Depot and buying 50 amp line to go from the 200 amp panel to the outdoor panel. Plus related items. The worst part was trying to feed a line from the indoor panel down through the wall and to a rather small hole 4-1/2 feet below. I crawled under the house something like 8 times to get this done. The whole thing was an ordeal, really, but it is done now.

The need? Power up the new trailer, AC included. No AC, no problem. Could use existing outdoor plug-in that came with my house. But this thing draws more amps than that thing provides and it trips the breaker. I have no idea - yet - how much money's worth that thing is going to drain. I made it clear from the beginning that they would have to pay for the extra electricity, which could be up to $5 extra a day - or more, who knows. I will find out the draw on it tomorrow when I use the electronic gadget I got from the power company.

Enough of that. Supposed to be a meal of some sort after the service at church tomorrow. This might give me a bit more opportunity to meet more of the people there and maybe start some conversations.

My 9 days off is almost over. Sunday marks the 9th consecutive day off. I could take off another week and it wouldn't bother me in the least. But, that isn't the way life goes, at least for me anyway, so back to work it is. It's been nice, is all I can say. I have plenty more hours, I will be taking more time off later on this year. Either at Thanksgiving or at Christmas and probably a 3 day weekend or 2 in between. Labor Day weekend is coming up early next month, that will be a 3-day weekend. That's - 2 weeks I think without looking at a calendar.

Other things going on, but this is enough.

Good evening.


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