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Saturday 8/20/2011

So the trailer tenants find a phone laying on the ground today. They bring it home and - hadn't actually done anything to find it's owner. So, I ask them to get the phone and I will start calling contacts on it to find out who the owner is and try to get it back to that person. I call several numbers - dad, mom, a couple of most recent calls, no answer.

Then the phone rings. Guy demanding the phone back, wants to come over and get it. Lynnette had answered. But she had listened to the previous messages, it wasn't a guy's phone, it at least seemingly belongs to a woman from the messages. So I just told her to hang up on him. She did and shut the phone off. Well - I get done with what I am doing which is installing an outdoor electrical panel - a story in itself - and I get the phone and turn it back on.

The guy calls again. That is MY phone!! Oops, forgot a part here: I had called a number named Nicole and this guy had called back, saying it was his phone. I…