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I had absolutely no desire to go to church today. I am forcing myself to go whether I feel like it or not. I was tired - I slept in too late and over sleeping isn't really a good thing as not getting enough sleep is. But, I stayed for the 2 hours and 15 minutes the service went on for and left.

No, I did not stay for the meal after the service. 2 reasons. First, I am still struggling with the idea of starting all over again with new relationships, starting from scratch after basically being forced out of a church in which I had spent an entire decade forging relationships. In case you don't know, building relationships is time consuming and costs a lot of energy. Not that the end result isn't worth it, but I just balk at the idea of having to do this ALL over again.

Perhaps my idea of finding a church where I don't know ANYONE wasn't such a good idea after all. Whether it was or wasn't, I'm there and have been for about 2 months now, no turning b…