Sunday, August 21, 2011


I had absolutely no desire to go to church today. I am forcing myself to go whether I feel like it or not. I was tired - I slept in too late and over sleeping isn't really a good thing as not getting enough sleep is. But, I stayed for the 2 hours and 15 minutes the service went on for and left.

No, I did not stay for the meal after the service. 2 reasons. First, I am still struggling with the idea of starting all over again with new relationships, starting from scratch after basically being forced out of a church in which I had spent an entire decade forging relationships. In case you don't know, building relationships is time consuming and costs a lot of energy. Not that the end result isn't worth it, but I just balk at the idea of having to do this ALL over again.

Perhaps my idea of finding a church where I don't know ANYONE wasn't such a good idea after all. Whether it was or wasn't, I'm there and have been for about 2 months now, no turning back, I don't think. I'm thinking along the lines of possibly volunteering in the church - let's get real: start small - and perhaps that will get me to thinking a bit differently about this. To this end I emailed the pastor about perhaps finding some small thing in which I could volunteer. Probably won't hear back from him anytime soon, they are on their way out to Missouri. His wife's mother passed away and the Memorial is going to be there, in Missouri instead of Florida, where the mother lived.

Second, in terms of eating: I have that Sea Bass in the fridge and fish doesn't last very long unless you freeze it. I did put one bag of it in the freezer yesterday with the intention of eating the rest in the other bag today. Which is exactly what I did. Yummmm, yummmm. I've seen Sea Bass on menus at finer restaurants for years now, but for some reason I would not even try it. Now that I have eating several pounds of the stuff, well, I won't turn down an opportunity whenever it may arise again to try it from the chef's hand.

Changing the subject, Lynnette came in earlier with a look on her face. Had no clue, how can I help you? She had a $20 in her hand. I have been adamant about them paying for the cooling of that trailer with AC if that's what they wanted to do. I am not going to shell out any more money for electricity than I am already, currently doing.

What I AM willing to do is run them up a tab. They pay whatever extra they can afford and if it doesn't cover it for that week - which I am guessing is going to happen - they can put that on a "House Tab" and pay for it at a future date. I am guessing about another month and a half of AC is needed before it cools down enough that AC is not necessary. I wish/dream/hope it would be sooner than that, but I am being realistic.

Okay, actually, before then it should be cool at night and need AC during the late morning to late afternoon. Historically? The end of October is when it's 80 highs or lower and then much lower lows. Well, I turned the power onto that trailer and got the AC cranking, putting the temp setting about midway. It will take half the day for it to cool down in there enough for it to be comfortable enough to move into. Just like the house, it can take quite a lot of time for an AC unit to overcome 110/120/130 inside temps. Once it GETS it there, the compressor will work much less, it's the getting it there part that takes quite a while. When my AC broke down 2 years ago in the middle of summer, it took about 12 hours of the compressor running continuously before it finally cycled off and the house was actually cool. After that? Well,l the walls aren't boiling hot, therefore causing a lot of heat to come in, the house is cool and the system doesn't have to run as hard. I suggested to them to put styrofoam on the windows, tacky looking or not - which would help keep a lot more cool air in and the heat out.

Speaking of heat, the National Weather Service has put an "excessive heat warning" out for Monday through Thursday!! Gag!!! Nothing like ending out August in a blaze, a literal blaze at that!

There's nothing else. A long time lapse since I started this entry, things happening but not worth getting into.


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