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The Best Time To Visit Disneyland To Avoid Huge Crowds

Just got done reading several sites and news blips about this issue. I have been to Disneyland at least 25 times since 1974. I was never able to find the right time. Sometimes I hit it, many times I did not.

I figured warm summer days would have people staying away from the place. Since I live in Phoenix, Arizona, Anaheim, California's version of a warm summer day and mine are on completely separate planes. I have been in California on many occasions where people were complaining it was hot and we were thinking how cool it is. Lol.

I have been to Disneyland SO many times when the ride waits are 2 and 3 hours!! Why would anyone wait that long for a ride that lasts 10 minutes? We were there when the "Finding Nemo" submarine ride opened, yes, I was there on opening day. However, I did not go on the ride. The line? Almost SIX hours long!! People were standing in the sun and fuming, I was laughing at them. What's the point of wasting that much time to go on o…

Monday 8/22/2011

I wrote this entry this morning at work, but it wouldn't post for whatever reason.


Back at work.
Apparently my manager is taking 2 days off. No problem with that, I guess, but usually he lets me know about such things. Funny, I totally forgot to check my bank account to make sure that direct deposit had made it in there.

Qaddafi is history? I found it interesting that the rebels didn't say they were going to find him and kill him, they said they are going to find him and then try him in court. This gives the rebels a bit more credibility, I would think. Question is: who is going to run the country?

If I were to somehow come into money right now, buying another house would be on the agenda. For those with the means, now is the time, especially for someone like me who would love to get a house just for rental purposes. The amount of people looking for houses for rent in just the Craigslist ads locally is a tell-tale sign: people have lost their homes, lost thei…