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Motel 6/Fry's Food Stores

Tackle Motel 6 first.
I have been using their facilities for years and years - and years. I don't recall ever having a big enough complaint to actually call their corporate and complain, but this recent fishing expedition and the first night at that hotel was definitely not something I was prepared for.

I have never had such a terrible night in a hotel. I cannot remember anything that rivals it, well, there is one experience but that was while on the mission field and that was a hotel that was only being used for showers, not sleeping in. Besides turning out to be a whore hotel, the REALLY disgusting thing were GIANT cockroaches EVERYWHERE. I went into the room at that place to take a shower. The visual and olfactory assault was unbelievable. Between the hundreds of cockroaches EVERYWHERE, even on the bed, the stains all over the bed sheets, walls and carpeting and the GROSS condition of the bathroom, I REFUSED to even SHOWER in that place!

That is another entry in itself a…

Thursday 8/25/2011


So, the DOT Medical exam is done - I got lucky yesterday, called Concentra and found they had a very small wait time. Well, to THEM it's a short wait time, to me it's ridiculous. The exam itself takes about 15 minutes. The rest of everything else? About an hour and a half.

The rest of the equation is in actually getting the state of Arizona to RECORD that information. 4 years ago, I actually went in there and handed the form to them. It did not, I later found out, get recorded, even going IN there and giving it to them in person available nothing.

I found it out because I had stopped at the DMV for another reason and was informed by the person at the counter that my license had been suspended and was about to be revoked. I got pretty mad at that point. How can you people be so unbelievably INCOMPETENT as to not input a person's information into your system that is HANDED TO YOU BY THE PERSON WHOSE INFORMATION IT IS TO BE INPUT?

But, that is the way the State of Ar…