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Fry's Food Stores - Baseline and 48th Street Tempe, AZ - Response

So, the newest general manager of this store calls me today after I called their corporate headquarters yesterday. All the lady told me yesterday was that since everyone had gone home, she would forward it to the "right" individual to respond and that would be that. I pretty much expected to be reverted back to the store's manager.

This is my second "conversation" with her. The first one was through email and was questioning the deplorable condition of the parking lot with trash laying, literally, EVERYWHERE.

I explained what had happened yesterday with the old lady arguing with the customer service lady and the fact that she sent that lady to traipse around the store, finding whatever else she wanted to get and NOT taking care of any more customers during that interim.

This manager gave me an a-typical response, certainly unexpected and rather refreshing, actually. She went straight into how she had "empowered" ALL of her employees to deal wi…

Friday 8/26/2011


This hurricane Irene situation is spelling out doom and gloom for a lot of folks. One would be my dad, who is in North Carolina right now for a reunion with his brothers and other family members.

The move-in date for the young guy was moved from yesterday to today. Whether that actually happens or not - who knows, it's Craigslist and people don't always do what they say they are going to do coming from that particular venue.

Had a guy over yesterday to look at the other room. He has too much baggage and I can't help him. Baggage as in 2 young boys and 2 dogs. Yikes!! From a business perspective, the rent would have to be high enough to cover the loss of other tenants because undoubtedly, the remaining one would be out the door and it would be terribly difficult to get any new tenants in. The guy has his own place, he can't afford it, apparently.

I am placing ads 1 or 2 times per day until the room is rented.

Friday is here, but the work week didn't seem tha…