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Saturday 8/27/2011

A few things.
New tenant moved in yesterday. Seems to be a cool, easy-going person. Only time tells if a person is actually going to make a good fit.
Second room remains unrented, though I have a couple of prospects.
Third room - the dude that is already here. He says he may have to move back to Minnesota. Well it would certainly be interesting, if nothing else, to have to do a total swap-out of tenants. A pain in the @$$ is a more colorful and accurate description.

So, an old friend from missionary days flew in from Vegas to reconnect with my ex. But, she wanted to meet up with me, too - really cool lady, haven't seen her since the late 80's. So at 11:00 am, we are going out to visit at a restaurant. That should be fun - I hope anyway. Not exactly sure where we are going.

At 3, there is the company end-of-fiscal-year party. Don't really want to go just because it is so far away, but, I signed up for it so I will spend at least a couple of hours there and then lea…