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I had a potential renter show up over here an hour or so ago. I knew he was coming, I didn't know he had just flown in from Ohio. He looked around the house and then the "yard" area. No grass. No. No grass. Just the pockets of it growing that I don't want. I love grass, don't get me wrong, but in these parts at this time of year? A yard of grass is watering it daily and mowing it frequently. If you don't water it daily in the heat, it's either going to die or it's not going to look very good.

I made the decision early on not to have grass, and then later decided on a small patch of it. The dogs ruined it and I decided that decorative landscaping rock is the way to go. As many other Phoenicians also do.

So we come back inside and talking for a while. He was honest, if nothing else: the inside of your house is beautiful, the outside, I don't like it. Why? There's no grass!! Yes, I can imagine coming from Ohio you are used to seei…

Monday 8/29/2011

Well I got lost in a sea of online news and here it is, only a few minutes before work start. I can say one thing here: I am getting really tired of seeing the bright red advisory on the weather site I go to stating that Phoenix is yet again under a heat advisory.

They tell you to stay indoors. Great, if you have an office job.

Craigslist scammers are getting a little better at their replies to ads. Instead of the humanitarian nurse moving from London, now it's someone that is local that is getting a job here, moving from other state. Or they are from the area you are in and are just looking to move to another room.

But, the scammers writing those ads are mostly from other countries and it's easy to spot their spelling errors and grammatical "inflections" that only come from a foreignor.

Allegedly, however, 2 people are wanting to come look at the room today. We'll see how that pans out.

I watched George W. Bush on the Nat Geo channel last night giving…