Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Yes, as a matter of fact, this is who I am and this is my blog. I have sent a few - very few - people that I know in "real life" to my blog - only because they insisted on it. I don't actually promote it to anyone, at all. Not that I don't want readers, just that - well - dunno, really. Have to give it some thought.

Okay, I take that back. There are certain things that I write about on this blog that I know will cause' people to visit from around the world. That would include my Cafe World entries and various other discussion. You would be surprised at how many people come here looking for information about how to buy antibiotics for your dogs without a prescription. I'll give Fin the credit for finding out about Feedjit and the information it gives...........

Caleb. He is back at work, the same place he quit before going to the mountains - but - left on good terms. They wanted him back and they really like him. So that's cool.

We got into a rather lengthy conversation today about customer service, what good customer service entails and my rather candid remarks about customer service I receive frequently that is - very poor. More like terribly s*****, but we need not go there, I guess. I don't remember the low level of customer service across the board when I was younger and the world didn't believe everyone was out to get each other...........

He went back to that guy that threatened to kick his @$$ before he quit and went to work as a counselor at the youth camp for Salvation Army in the mountains. I will NEVER forget my son telling me this story of a 29 year old threatening to beat up my, at the time, 17 year old son. The feelings that that invoked were - rage; anger; go give the guy a toothless jaw. I didn't give into those feelings, thankfully, but I will definitely admit I HAD those feelings.

Caleb was lamenting about this guy's lack of work ethic. He goes to the Starbucks - in-store - and flirts with the ladies working there and abandons his post. His post is the customer service desk! I can't even imagine going to that desk and not finding anyone there during it's open hours. I mean, I can imagine it: MANAGEMENT, PLEASE, would be my first reaction if I had to wait there more than a couple of minutes without anyone showing up.

Caleb has no love for this guy and asked if I would show up. NO, I said, not to start an altercation with this man because of his threats. But, I could show up and go to the customer service desk to ask for help. I can think of several things I can go to the desk for. The point? The management of that place never forced him to apologize to my son for threatening him. They didn't fire him. They didn't do SQUAT. This guy continues on with the SAME crap!!

It will have to be a legitimate reason to call for this guy's management, but that will be easy: apparently he abandons post frequently and has to be called back on the store intercom several times per shift.

Tuesday 8/30/2011

So, uhh, this pain in my side isn't exactly going away. I figured it would pass through and I would just get it over with.
So, tomorrow after work I am going in for the CT scan, find out for sure whatever is going on in there and - hopefully get it dealt with.

This thing is actually waking me up at night and keeping me awake, hence the desire to get it dealt with, sooner versus later.

Lots going on in this world. Too much to keep up with all of it. I have been watching some of the 911 shows that Nat Geo has been showing, but Bush interview is a classic as far as I'm concerned, I've watched it twice now. You don't really see much of Bush on the airwaves anymore - I wonder how many Secret Service agents he has to have around him when he goes out, considering the extreme hatred that apparently still exists against him? I don't get it and let it go, is all I can say about that.

What is the irony of all of these US states that are being flooded with more water than they could ever use right now in contrast to other US states that are in severe drought? Oh, that you could just "ship" the water from one state to another.

For that and since the Federal government loves to waste tax payer money, I propose a giant pipeline be installed from one side of the country to the other. 3,000 miles of ductile iron pipe, at least 5 foot diameter, costing what, $200 per foor just for the pipe? Plus the cost of labor and any easement lawsuits. Oh, and pumps, fittings and all the rest of it. I bet you could dump a trillion dollars just into a project like that! Look at all the jobs it would create!

We could bring the state of Texas right out of it's drought condition and pump all of it's lakes and reservoirs full of water from various rivers throughout the US. A preposterous idea? No more so than dumping a trillion dollars into the economy and seeing it vanish into thin air, with no more result than - having had wasted a trillion dollars.

My project, at least, would have some kind of result!! I'm not being serious here, folks.

The work day is here. I was sleeping so hard when the alarm went off this morning - considering I spent half the night tossing and turning attempting to get comfortable - yes, this reminds me the first time I had kidney stones - that the alarm clock had been going off fully 8 minutes before I finally woke up. I don't think the dogs were too happy about it.

Ummm, that's it and.....


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