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Wednesday 8/31/2011

So, today is the big Cat Scan day.
Finally, someone agreed with me without having to asking them, they said: "the only thing I don't like about it is being exposed to radiation".
Thank you.
I have yet another interested party in the room and they are allegedly going to come over today to takealookatit.

Their nephew goes to the college which is all of 2 miles away from my house.

So, this big to-do with Quik-Trip, a large gas station/convenience store chain, is over. I cannot believe such a thing actually made it on the ballot. They wanted to build a gas station in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Not in a commercially zoned development, on a lot which was zoned for residential.

They lost. Kudos to my fellow Phoenicians for stopping this nonsense, let them build their gas stations where it is already zoned for such and out of the MIDDLE of a neighborhood.

End of month today. I always say that at the end of the month, cause' I look at the store&…