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Hot Days

I am SO sick of burning up in this heat! I just went outside a few minutes ago to turn the water off, it's well over 100 out there and it's almost 8:00pm!
Cooler times are coming, yes, but they should have already come by now!! August is NEVER that hot, much less September!!

I was up in Globe today, higher elevation in the mountains - it was QUITE warm and humid up there, as well! I did snap a few shots, however, of a fire burning on a mountain range that was even higher. Too bad I have absolutely no desire to go through the rigarmoroo of uploading photos right now. A lightning strike sparked the fire and apparently the fire officials have determined to let it burn itself out.

The contractor I was delivering to said it had been burning for a week. Well, if that's all the bigger it is going to get in a week's time, I can understand the decision to not take crews off of larger, more threatening fires to deal with this very small fire - though the smoke is visible …

Monday 9/6/2011

I'm not in a writing mood and haven't been since a situation developed at work on Friday. Nothing I am going into here, right now.

3 day weekend came and went seemingly as fast as a regular, 2-day weekend.

I was able to get the room rented yesterday, with the new person moving in on Thursday - and yes, I did get the money up front as I don't hold rooms. I had had a lot of response from an ad I ran - I think it was Sunday night. The thing about renting these rooms is getting an ad placed at the right time. Sounds weird but I just don't think people want to go through a bunch of ads, they just look at what's at the top and start replying.

Alberston's is running a buy 1, get 2 free deal on ribs. I basically fed the house yesterday in doing a BBQ, slow cooking it and serving with some other goodies. The other new tenant - the 20 year old - apparently was loving it as he went back for seconds.

I am now facing the loss of the other 20-something tenant as he is leavi…