Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hot Days

I am SO sick of burning up in this heat! I just went outside a few minutes ago to turn the water off, it's well over 100 out there and it's almost 8:00pm!
Cooler times are coming, yes, but they should have already come by now!! August is NEVER that hot, much less September!!

I was up in Globe today, higher elevation in the mountains - it was QUITE warm and humid up there, as well! I did snap a few shots, however, of a fire burning on a mountain range that was even higher. Too bad I have absolutely no desire to go through the rigarmoroo of uploading photos right now. A lightning strike sparked the fire and apparently the fire officials have determined to let it burn itself out.

The contractor I was delivering to said it had been burning for a week. Well, if that's all the bigger it is going to get in a week's time, I can understand the decision to not take crews off of larger, more threatening fires to deal with this very small fire - though the smoke is visible for miles.

Umm, new tenant moving into tomorrow. Money is guaranteed, I'm not worried about that part of it. I'm not sure this person is all there. But, she is sweet enough. Only time will tell whether she will make a good fit here or not.

Ummm, whatever. Situation at work is going to be - messing with my head - for a while. I am waiting to hear back from the GM. That could be days or even weeks.

Anyway, I'm in good spirits, come what may.



Monday 9/6/2011

I'm not in a writing mood and haven't been since a situation developed at work on Friday. Nothing I am going into here, right now.

3 day weekend came and went seemingly as fast as a regular, 2-day weekend.

I was able to get the room rented yesterday, with the new person moving in on Thursday - and yes, I did get the money up front as I don't hold rooms. I had had a lot of response from an ad I ran - I think it was Sunday night. The thing about renting these rooms is getting an ad placed at the right time. Sounds weird but I just don't think people want to go through a bunch of ads, they just look at what's at the top and start replying.

Alberston's is running a buy 1, get 2 free deal on ribs. I basically fed the house yesterday in doing a BBQ, slow cooking it and serving with some other goodies. The other new tenant - the 20 year old - apparently was loving it as he went back for seconds.

I am now facing the loss of the other 20-something tenant as he is leaving either on the 11th or 12th of this month (he hasn't given me a definitive date, one of those 2 days according to him). He is going in this morning to get his tonsils removed - at the cost of Arizona taxpayers, lol, going to recover from it and then drive home to Michigan.

Obama - whatta piece of work. Hey, he has a great idea: spend MORE money!

I am facing some decisions at work - how far do I want to take a situation that was shoved in my face. I have a long memory, is all I can say about it.

That's it. I'm just going to read the news and then go to work after clocking in. The truck routing system is FULL of all kinds of stuff to do in there, most of it pickups but there is also 2 deliveries, one of them up to Globe.



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