Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama To Throw Away Another Half Trillion?

I don't really have much to say about this, except I hope that it is summarily rejected.
The government is not going to save the economy because it CAN'T save the economy and frankly, it doesn't EXIST to save the economy.

Fin and Bethany are going on vacation with a stopover in Phoenix. Stopover meaning the airplane lands here, they're here for a couple of hours and then they move on. I will be there to meet them both in person! I've only met a few "internet" friends in the past.

NFL football is back. I need not say more, I love NFL football and that's that.

Heat has not gone away - yet. 109 degrees today. Thank you, I was out in the sun sweating profusely on numerous occasions. When September ACTUALLY arrives with cooler temperatures, then the announcement will be made that September has arrived. I am actually getting to the point that I despise living in this city and would love nothing more than to get out of here.

My dad is talking about moving to San Antonio. Yikes. Well, nice knowing ya, dad, probably won't be seeing much of you if you do, indeed, move there. San Antonio Texas is quite the drive from here. Okay, about a thousand miles. In my 20's, I could drive 1,000 miles in a day. I'm not joking and I didn't have help and I did it many times over. I'm thinking about a day and a half, though I drive pretty fast, so who knows. He is seriously talking of moving there, more power to him. I am quite sure this has to do with his wife wanting to be closer to her kids than it has to do with anything, but it's his life.

I dunno. Life is taking some strange turns right now, I'm not exactly sure where all of this is going to end up.

One thing I am sure of? This entry is over.



Thursday 9/8/2011

There are only 2 things dominating my mind right now:
The never-ending summer and this situation at work.
Today's high is supposed to be 109 degrees. It's the 8th of SEPTEMBER, not JUNE!!!
I just sweat all day long while out at work. By the time I get home from work,I don't want to do anything.
There is a LOT to do on my property that I have put off for a while now because of this situation.
Now, IF the forecasters are right - which they seem to rarely accomplish - then Saturday marks the beginning of much cooler temperatures with a daytime high of 99 degrees. Won't hold my breath on that one, but certainly it would be nice.

As for work, I am not going to go into that here and that's that. Divulging that kind of information on a public website accessible by anyone in the world is probably not a good idea, therefore, I will mute myself on that one, at least for now.

One of the Danes decided that dumping in my bathroom last night was better than waking me up and "asking" to go outside, like they normally do when such needs arise. No democracy here, I threw both of them out for the rest of the night as I didn't know which one did it (though I have to say, Prince, the black Dane, definitely had that guilty look on his face). You might be the best sleeper on the planet, but I pretty much guarantee you that when that smells hits your nostrils? You aren't going to sleep through the night like that! That's the worst part: having to get up in the middle of a deep sleep and clean that mess up. Fortunately, it doesn't happen often.

Dunno what else, nothing really. Just biding time and taking one step at a time in this situation unfolding before me - see where it ends up!


Wednesday 9/7/2011


Well, I just threw a monkey wrench into the "plan" - can't and won't go into it here or anywhere else concerning work - at least for now. Until I know how this is going to go and where it's leading to, just going to bide my time, take the necessary actions and see what happens.

I don't really have anything else here. I am sort of lost in thought about all of this situation and how it's all going to turn out.

So, I won't drag on anymore with it.



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