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Friday 9/9/2011

I have plans this weekend.
My plans, at least half the time, never seem to work out.
So, I will say I have a tentative proposal to myself to drive up to the rim and visit my mom. Her birthday is on Sunday, which is, yes, 9/11. That would have to happen tomorrow, as I am not much into Sunday trips anywhere.

Depending on which weather report you wish to believe - they never agree with each other on projected forecasts, Sunday will cool down to around 100 degrees high temp. This NEEDS to happen. It is also supposed to rain - heavily. That also NEEDS to happen and should have happened many times over during our monsoon season.

So, my room rental woes will continue on shortly. Mario is leaving soon enough. He just had his tonsils removed and is moving back to - Minnesota. I think I have said Michigan in the past, and that is incorrect, he is from Minnesota.

Regardless, round 3 of getting room mates. I have just replaced 2 of them - with no indication from either as to how long the…