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Saturday 9/10/2011

So, I went up to my mom's place up in the mountains today.
It was nice to see and visit with her.
Stayed about 5 hours.
I had hoped perhaps I could shoot of my SW40VE somewhere and
she was happy to oblige. So, all 6 of us - my mother, me and
4 large dogs (she has a Golden Retriever), went on a rather long
She wanted to go to where some other people had a target set up in the
creek down below and was positioned so that even a stray bullet would
simply hit the "wall" behind hit versus going off into never-never land.

I haven't shot a gun since I was a teenager. Let me just say that
right off the bat. I have seen the shooting range pictures: everyone has
ear protection. I had thought that was because of the multitude of guns
being shot off at the same time inside a building and that that was
the reason they needed such.

I loaded the magazine into the gun, pulled the - whatever back - got a
bullet into the chamber, aimed at the target and pulled the trigg…