Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday 9/10/2011

So, I went up to my mom's place up in the mountains today.
It was nice to see and visit with her.
Stayed about 5 hours.
I had hoped perhaps I could shoot of my SW40VE somewhere and
she was happy to oblige. So, all 6 of us - my mother, me and
4 large dogs (she has a Golden Retriever), went on a rather long
She wanted to go to where some other people had a target set up in the
creek down below and was positioned so that even a stray bullet would
simply hit the "wall" behind hit versus going off into never-never land.

I haven't shot a gun since I was a teenager. Let me just say that
right off the bat. I have seen the shooting range pictures: everyone has
ear protection. I had thought that was because of the multitude of guns
being shot off at the same time inside a building and that that was
the reason they needed such.

I loaded the magazine into the gun, pulled the - whatever back - got a
bullet into the chamber, aimed at the target and pulled the trigger.
The explosion of that gun going off was SO loud, I lost my grip on the gun
and the backlash tore a part of my thumbnail off. I was literally SHOCKED
at how LOUD that was! I mean, a person could easily go deaf shooting off
rounds without ear protection! That was it. One shot? We're done. Head to
wherever they sell those ear muffs and I already have ear plugs. With that much
noise, I am decided you need both to protection your eardrums.

But, anyway, all that did was make me want to head to the shooting range and fire
off 30 or 40 rounds and get a feel for the thing - with proper ear protection, lol.

Well, my brother and his wife live about 7 or 8 miles away in a small village in a
cabin and had invited her over to visit for the evening. She told them I was coming
up and would be over there later. I shouldn't say they live there, or should I? They
are, as far as I know, there every weekend.

So, it was good to see her. It REALLY made me want to move my RV trailer up THERE and
be able to hang out up there on the weekends. It is so tranquil and peaceful up there
and the air is - clean. The temp? It was cool, very nice. No, I am not getting rid of
Mark and Lynnette and I am not even suggesting that they should find their own place.
I am not really suggesting that they ever HAVE to leave, to be honest. But, if/when the
day comes, I will have the thing moved up there. If not by spring, I will have to consider
buying another one to put up there.

In reality, I consider Mark and Lynnette an asset to my property, not a liability or a
drain. I feel much more secure when I am not here that I have people I can trust to
watch over things. Especially with tenants - if something goes amiss, they can either
deal with it or call me to let me know what's going on. However, a conversation with my mother about property taxes and insurance got me to remembering that I was going to get liability/loss insurance on that trailer, I had totally forgotten about it.

As for the newest tenant? I have no desire to go there right now, only to say that a few - rules - had to be established. I will discuss that perhaps tomorrow, I just don't feel like going there right now.

Great day. The dogs are TOTALLY out of it and crashed out on the floor. I did that this time, if I go up there again this year before my mother closes it down - which will only be a few more weeks, it will be 1, 2 dogs at the most. I would take all 3 of them up there if I had a trailer up there and had a fenced area around it. My mom's trailer has a huge fenced off area where I can let them loose and not worry about them taking off.

I actually had thoughts about going up there again next weekend and camping out overnight, but, I have a different appointed date for next Saturday and that is something I am not going to miss out on, so maybe the weekend after if she is still up there.

So perhaps that's what my savings will go to, dunno. Umm, an RV trailer, that is. I don't tend to mess with savings until/if/when something happens that I have to use it - so far that hasn't happened an it's adding up quickly. If, by some miracle, I didn't have to touch it until Spring, there would be enough in there for something decent.

I attempted to find my brother's cabin today. I thought I saw his wife sitting out in the sun in a back yard, but I wasn't sure if it was her. I did not want to stop in, I just wanted to see what they had going there. I do believe it was her, actually, that I saw, what threw me off were the vehicles in the driveway. They own pickups, last time I heard, now my mother told me they had bought a small sedan. Yes, that is what was parked in the driveway. There is no way I would even try to stop and say hello with all of those dogs with me: my oldest brother hates my dogs. Whatever, I don't really care. My life has gone on without his presence for my entire adult life, excepting for a holiday here and there where we come together for 3 hours and that's the end of it. But, I did want to see what they had built. If I have a dream, it would be to have a place up in the mountains, away from this heated valley, where I could go hang out on weekends in the summer and enjoy the cool, fresh, mountain air.

Well this entry is getting long, so I am going to end it. More I would want to go into, but I don't want to write a novel here.



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