Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday 9/11/2011

So, when you think of 9/11, what do you think of?
You're either thinking of calling for emergency units - 911; you're thinking of the terrorist attack in New York in 2001; or in my case: you are thinking of your mother's birthday.

I finally got her age out of her mouth today, I wasn't sure: she turned 76. She's still driving; she's still moving around quite well; she still has a crystal clear presence of mind. I called her today and wished her a happy birthday and of course got into all kinds of discussion, but, I certainly am not regretting driving up there yesterday and visiting her.

As for 9/11, well, I watched a show this morning that followed the timeline that started at the time (real-time) of the attack and ended a bit after the second tower fell. I have watched nothing about it since. I have watched so much footage about 9/11 since 2001 that I really don't need to watch much more about it. I do not agree with the people who think it should go away, however. It was a changing point in our nation's history and I think it completely appropriate that it's 10 year anniversary should be recognized and recognized. I've just watched so much footage - all of it available, I think - in the last 10 years that I don't need to watch a whole day of it. People are still paying for it, I am completely empathetic and sympathetic towards every person that is however related to it.

As for today, well, the newest tenant apparently has gone the rounds of asking about me, specifically. I am not into tenants coming out and going on and on and on and on EVERY single time they come out. They can come in and out as they please, yes, to start an elongated, rambling conversation that is rather mindless, at least from my view of it, every time they come out is more than I want to deal with.

It was supposed to pour rain here today. Instead, we got 60 seconds of drops from the sky and that was the end of it. The entire summer has been that way. I wanted to put on shorts, go out in my bare feet and get drenched. Instead, I got tickled with enough rain to see the polka-dotted "aftermath" on the concrete.

Church. Took me an hour to convince myself I should go. I am never regretful that I went but still, it takes quite a lot for me to actually get dressed for the occasion and actually got out to the CAR, get into and drive over there.

Trailer. I need one for my mother's property. Be thinking about that one for a while. The season for going up there is about over. Winter is coming - though I wouldn't care going up there in the snow to be honest.

Done for now.



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