Monday, September 12, 2011


The "kid" tenant is gone. He called me today while I was at work asking if he could get away with a bit less than he owes. If I said no, I wanted all of it? I was afraid I would get nothing, so I just agreed to it. $39 less than what he owes is far less than what some other recent departures owe me. So, the debt is cancelled. Hey, he left a $10 jug of laundry detergent, I'll take that, too! Not that he either offered it or I asked.

The freshly-turned 21 year old resurfaced. He decided that for his 21st birthday, he was going to go to Las Vegas and drink. Not much gambling, apparently, I would guess some prostitution, but that's just a guess. The use of a prostitute, that is. Dunno, not my business, but lots of guys go up there just for that purpose.

Sold the MasterCool evaporative cooler just 10 minutes ago. I had it for sale on Craigslist and finally had someone show up, said wow, take it, didn't even try to talk me down in price. However, I was only asking $50 for it to get rid of it, I could have posted it at $100 and eventually got that out of it.

The trailer is getting bites on the ad, but no-one has come to look at it yet. However long it takes, I will keep running the ad until someone takes it.

Plenty more, just wanted to update my blog with the basics.

Monday 9/12/2011


So, I received a series of emails over the weekend, apparently, on my work account. Concerning the situation at work that I have yet to go into here - and probably won't at least until it's over. A meeting has been scheduled is all I can say about that.

Rain. It apparently has been raining everywhere in this valley excepting.......anywhere near my house. My car was proof of that this morning: dirty rain. Ie: just enough drops of water to attract the blowing dust and make my car filthy.

Apparently, there is tension between the new roommate and the kid (27 years old, but that's beside the point). The kid told the woman not to run the fan in the bathroom. ??? This is what she claimed he told her - I have no doubts, frankly, that this kid is capable of saying such to people as he can be rather brash at times.

Did he say WHY you shouldn't run the fan? Apparently it makes too much noise. You know, the little ceiling fan that airs out bathrooms? So, if this thing is making a lot of noise, the answer is to replace it! What a phenomenal idea! A piece of brilliance if I do say so myself. It's amazing how crass people can be to each other, especially considering living in the same home and more so, considering it isn't THEIR home.

Whatever the case, I became engrossed in some Scripture I was reading online and have now run out of time.



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