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Was unable to do anything on here this morning: had to get to work as soon as I got to work, which is usually around 5:30 am, maybe a bit earlier. Busy day at work today, very busy. Worked almost 10 hours non-stop. Tomorrow looks to be the same.

My dad informed me yesterday that I am no longer the executor of his estate and that he is giving everything to his current wife. Nothing against me, she has paid his way quite a lot even though he has money - she gets a military pension or something from her former husband. The caveat to that is if she dies first, then it goes to me. I don't really spend a lot of time thinking about my parent's death. I have seen many others go through it and it looks to be an earthly form of hell, to say the least. When it happens, it happens and I expect to be a basket case for a while. Until then, just enjoy the fact that both my parents are alive, kicking and still moving about.

I think it's when they stop moving is when you start w…