Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday 9/14/2011

There was no time to write this morning, I had to get on the clock pretty much shortly after I got into work.

To answer Fin: monetarily and even scenarily, there are a number of other countries that come highly recommended for retiring in. Low cost of living; low cost of housing - low everything.
I do not, at least at this point, feel very inclined to forsake my homeland to go live somewhere else on the cheap and live nice on the cheap. That view may very well change, of course, but at this point, I am forever an American that wants to live in America. This is regarding retirement and the - idea I guess - that I am not going to have enough at that point in time when I want/need to retire. It's QUITE a ways off until retirement, but I can't not think of it now.

I am now attempting to rent the 3rd room. A complete tenant change in getting tenants for all 3 rooms. The newest is a wonder, that's for sure.

"Big" meeting tomorrow. I suspect I will be dictated to and told how things are. I will be the professional I am in the industry I am in, but I have my doubts this situation is going to end at the local level. It MIGHT, who knows. I will hope that a good answer to this situation will come forth, but again, I think it will be a dictatorial and monologue and that I will "have" to listen. Whatever. I am ready for what-may-come. This is concerning work and I have yet to go into any of it.

I had a 75% expectation that this would occur. What? I cancelled my prepaid Orchard Bank card, which I only got to help boost my score to get the house loan - something I wish I could have waited on at this point - and reapplied today. This time, for a much better card without the prepaid requirement. Not to my surprise, they approved me for a card that is 5 times the amount that I had available credit for on the prepaid card. I don't really want a lot of credit cards, I do want something showing that I am making payments on time and keep the attempt to build credit alive and kicking.

They are attempting to tell me - the forecasters that is - that 2 Saturdays from now, it will get to 107 degrees for a high temperature. I totally and summarily reject the idea that nearer the end of September, it will still be hot enough to call it a day in June or July. Therefore, I predict their prediction is off the wall and and it will be MUCH cooler than that.

I'm tired. More to say but no desire to go into it now.



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