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New Tenant

The 3rd room is rented.
2 people showed up today, the first was a woman, with another woman and a small child. It was mother, daughter and grand-daughter. I was mildly interested. In other words, I want the room rented out, asap, I can put the money to good use - but is this worth it? Not that all of them were going to move in, just the mother of the mother. But I got that this probably wouldn't work out too well.

Shortly before this woman showed up, another person responded to my most current ad and said he was ready to come look at the place - right now. I informed him that another party was showing up, when they were gone, he was welcome to come take a look. He showed up, we talked at great length, I had no reservations about renting him the room, he paid up front.

Friday 9/16/2011

Some stuff happened at work yesterday with this meeting.
I am not going to go into specifics about the situation that brought that meeting about.
But, on a side note, a few other things changed.
My start time has been bumped up a half hour later than my normal start time. This didn't really bother me, I can get up a bit later and that suits me fine.

However, I am contemplating whether I am going to continue to go into work early - the point of that was to drink the free coffee. The free coffee isn't going away, neither is there anything wrong with my drinking the free coffee. But for whatever reason, corporate is apparently paying more attention to things that are being done on their computers. I have permission to get on the computer before I clock in and start the work day, but I am feeling uneasy about writing my entries online on their computer so, I am considering switching back to my morning rituals at home - buy my own coffee and deal with the added expense - sho…