Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday 9/18/2011

Last night, perusing Facebook and minding my own business, a popup comes up on my screen from a face book instant type of message.
It's Mary.
Mary? Mary who? I have a lot of FB friends for that game I play on there and I don't know the half of them.
"What, you don't remember me?". She had given absolutely NO context, whatsoever, for who she was, could have been a man on the moon as far as I was concerned.
Refresh my memory.
This girl is from my FAR distant past, exactly 3 decades ago, to be precise. We used to hang out with another friend and drive all over the place getting drunk and stoned on an almost daily basis.
She had gone into the same ministry I had gone into at the same time, leaving the "old life" behind for something new, different and FAR better. She left after only being there a short time because she had been called back to testify as a witness in some sort of trial.

I never heard from her again, until last night that is.
We got off of the Facebook venue and got on the phone - 2-1/2 hours of talking on the phone and catching up. She is in contact with other friends from that era that I also know and haven't talked to or even knew where they are since - the early 80's, basically.

She wants to meet today, but I am not sure I am going to have the time for it, what with selling the trailer and going to church. I don't really like going out on late Sunday afternoons, I would rather be at home winding the weekend down and getting mentally prepared for work Monday. So, we'll see about that.

I am taking the 59 year old, female tenant to church today. I would rather have not taken her, but I can't just tell a person no in going to church. She definitely could use the 'help', to say the least.

Anyway, must get offa here and get ready.



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