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Monday 9/19/2011

Last night, the whole thing came to a head.
What am I talking about?
The woman that just moved in here a week or so ago.
She would not leave me alone yesterday.
I took her to church because she asked to go, but when we got home, it was this, that and the other thing, allllll day long.
"You are not a very sociable person, are you?", came out of her mouth at one point for unknown reasons. This person definitely does not know me.
"It's okay to like women". Also out of the blue and to me, a very cutting statement.

It was last night, I was trying to watch some airplane thing online on a video, when she came in and started in on me again. This time, I got up, turned toward her and very calmly but directly asked her to shut up. I informed that she is NOT making a good fit around here, that knocking on people's doors and inserting herself into their lives is unacceptable, on and on and on.

I am only human and I can only take so much. I had said to her a few …