Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday 9/20/2011

After traipsing around all over the desert Southwest yesterday in the semi (stops in Casa Grande, Eloy and Coolidge), I got off, came home and wondered what kind of drama I might find waiting at my doorstep. Nothing - that woman I should say - waiting for me. Good. I went to the trailer and asked them if she had come and dumped on them.

Of course. Come to find out that this woman had taken my son into the living room (2 nights ago), sat him down and started asking questions about me. 45 minutes worth. This woman admitted doing this to my trailer tenants and my son informed her that everything that she had said to him he was going to tell me. She actually asked him to not tell me that she had asked all of those questions!

I have already told her she needs to leave, but I am going to have to write up a notice and leave it on her door. I will not tolerate this kind of person living in here, causing trouble, starting arguments and basically making life miserable for EVERYONE, not just me. I have to figure out what kind of notice I can get away with, preferably a 10-day notice, not a 30-day notice. I don't WANT her here another 30 days! I'm just not sure what qualifies under the 10-day notice. Ahh, well now I am fairly sure what qualifies under the 10 day notice and this definitely qualifies. Good.

I'm "waiting" for this week to be over and cooler temps to prevail. Not that it's terribly bad now - the high today will be around 104 to 106 depending on what forecast you read. One of them has tomorrow slated with a high of 107.

Well, whatever. I'm doing the adjustment thing of staying home and doing my online things instead of going to work early. Of course, I have shown up at work early to find contractors either waiting there or showing up shortly after I showed up to buy something..............



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