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Wednesday 9/21/2011

So, this tenant comes to me yesterday asking me something. I just looked at her and asked her to not speak to me and also don't ever bother my son again. She is the kind of person that doesn't know when to shut up. I repeated myself four times before she finally got the message: do NOT bother my son, ever again. The gall of a person to take someone else's kid and sit them down in a motherly fashion and then start making the outrageous statements she was making.

Whatever. I found a good 10-day notice online and will be printing it up later today and yes, she will be getting it delivered right into her hand. She is not the type of person that can change - in other words, mind her own business, put a zip on the flapper and even attempt to act like a normal person. Not to mention the little tidbit about her only having enough money to be able to pay rent for 2 months. I wasn't informed of that little gem until after she moved in. The people that brought her over…