Thursday, September 22, 2011


Got my first-ever $1,000 plus credit limit credit card. I found it odd that they would grant me such considering the economy and I am guessing a lot of people not being able to make their payments. Though, I had their pre-paid version of the card for 3-1/2 years and might have been 2 days late on a payment a couple of times. I always regret that - don't do it on purpose, it had an odd due date on the 22cd of the month and I simply forgot about it. Capital One also increased my credit limit as well as Fingerhut, though I am not using Fingerhut right now. I owe them less than $200 and I intend on paying it off before I consider buying anything else from them.

Fingerhut just sent me a letter stating that I am such a good customer, they are increasing my credit limit by $200. Thanks, but I won't be using it anytime soon. I am going to put something on the new $1,000 limit card, but only something I need and nothing over $200. Or less.

The problem tenant is acting as if nothing ever happened. I don't want to go into all of that here, but the straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back was a 45 minute lecturing/questioning session of my son in my living room, after I had gone to bed the night in question. I am being completely neutral about this situation at this point. She has her eviction notice, if I have to take her to court, so beit.

Meanwhile, the man that paid for the room he isn't occupying has not contacted me. I will be emailing him sooner or later. I can do nothing with the room until his pre-paid time is over. I can advertise for it's rental, though, if I know he isn't going to be moving in. I'm giving it the 25th or 26th of this month to contact him if he doesn't show up or contact me before then.

The forecast calls for 100's for the next week. Almost the end of September and we are still paying the price? This horrid summer only solidifies my desire to NOT retire anywhere near this place. Actually, I viewed 3 forecasts on 3 separate sites with varying results. Amazing the sometimes substantial difference in forecasts for the same days.

The lady I knew as a teenager contacted me last night. We were talking about Facebook and her desire to delete her account. Why?, I asked. Cause', she replied, my tech son said it's not so safe. Oh. I commented seeing Google's answer to Facebook: their own version of it. The next thing I know, I am talking to a 15 year old boy on the phone. She wanted to "show him off", I guess, for his tech savvy at his young age. Uhhhh, okay. So I conversed with this kid for around 30 minutes before it was too late for me and I was ready to get off the phone and go to bed. Nothing against the kid, but I was sorta, kinda wondering whether I would be interested in a starting some kind of relationship with her and I can't do that if I'm talking to her kid instead of her. I understand completely, though. She neither said or even intoned this, but it was obvious: we gonna like each other, we gonna have to include the fact that each other's kids are part of any packages that might be delivered.

I like kids well enough, certainly intelligent characters that can hold a conversation is a plus. I"m in no hurry. We are attempting to figure out when our schedules will collide with each other's so that we can meet. She is insisting a doggy park near her house, I don't really care. I just won't take ALL of my dogs out there, I have had enough experience with that. We have talked on the phone quite a lot now, if nothing else, there is definitely a good feeling there and this is someone I actually used to hang out with as a teenager.

So put that all together: I am looking for a woman and several have contacted me from the past in the past 2 months. This is the only one that has any appeal to me, whatsoever. Well.........there is another one, but she doesn't live anywhere near here/me and I am not necessarily inclined to such.


Thursday 9/22/2011

I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday, when I looked at my cellphone and found it is actually Thursday, well, that actually gave me a boost! 2 more days until the weekend: I'll take it.

I handed the eviction notice to the woman last night who immediately erupted into - what is apparently her usual way of dealing with things. I simply smiled at her and said: "I just handed you an eviction notice, that's it", and that WAS it.

I'm pretty much an opponent of the death penalty. I always have been. There might have been a bit of a time where I thought certain people it might be okay to do it with - Osama Bin Laden for one thing - but I pretty much came back to the staunch opponent of it. We are mere mortals, we do not have the power to give life, therefore, we should not give ourselves the power to take it. In other words, we aren't God. From what I have read, it costs more to try a person in court to try and get the death penalty than it does to simply put them in prison and throw away the key.

Is Troy Davis innocent or guilty? God knows. And last night, he went before the Lord, I am assuming and whatever happens then, already a done deal. This whole case, however, only puts this issue to the spotlight: what IF we are killing innocent people? We can gather all the techical, space-age, science driven evidence we can, but in the end? In at least some of these cases, we don't REALLY know what happened. The prosecutors act like they know what happened and perhaps they get a win, but does that equate into actual justice being served? For me, I think not. No-one really gets away with anything: someday we all have to go stand before Him and then, if you have not received Christ as your Lord and Savior, repented and the whole process - you are going to find some REAL trouble, I am guessing if the Word is true and what it says in it is true.

Obama seems to be getting bad news from all over. If, by some chance, the economy rebounds before the November elections next year, then all these people who voted for him but are not questioning his ability to get ANYTHING done will undoubtedly vote for him and he will remain as president for another 4 years (a thing I would dread). If it doesn't, he might as well quit now and let some other democratic nominee make an attempt at it. I'm seriously doubtful that the economy is going to somehow magically rebound in the next year and all these homes sitting empty are going to be filled with happy families that are working and making good money. In fact, many experts in this area predict 5 years - at least - before it gets any better around here.

Anyway, I am thinking of travelling back up to mom's property on Saturday to fire off both guns. I have quite a large number of practice rounds enmassed at this point - I would like to get the feel of each gun and what to expect when shooting it off. I only got one round off the 40 cal. 2 weeks ago, the noise about sent me to the ground. This time, I will have ample ear protection - but only if I even think I can go up there. The problem is having a tenant that I am evicting still living under my roof. It can pose problems - serious problems - especially in considering leaving for a day. But, I have the trailer tenants to look after things, haven't made a final decision, may not make one until Saturday morning to be honest.

Anyway, time to head off to work.



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