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Got my first-ever $1,000 plus credit limit credit card. I found it odd that they would grant me such considering the economy and I am guessing a lot of people not being able to make their payments. Though, I had their pre-paid version of the card for 3-1/2 years and might have been 2 days late on a payment a couple of times. I always regret that - don't do it on purpose, it had an odd due date on the 22cd of the month and I simply forgot about it. Capital One also increased my credit limit as well as Fingerhut, though I am not using Fingerhut right now. I owe them less than $200 and I intend on paying it off before I consider buying anything else from them.

Fingerhut just sent me a letter stating that I am such a good customer, they are increasing my credit limit by $200. Thanks, but I won't be using it anytime soon. I am going to put something on the new $1,000 limit card, but only something I need and nothing over $200. Or less.

The problem tenant is acting as if not…

Thursday 9/22/2011

I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday, when I looked at my cellphone and found it is actually Thursday, well, that actually gave me a boost! 2 more days until the weekend: I'll take it.

I handed the eviction notice to the woman last night who immediately erupted into - what is apparently her usual way of dealing with things. I simply smiled at her and said: "I just handed you an eviction notice, that's it", and that WAS it.

I'm pretty much an opponent of the death penalty. I always have been. There might have been a bit of a time where I thought certain people it might be okay to do it with - Osama Bin Laden for one thing - but I pretty much came back to the staunch opponent of it. We are mere mortals, we do not have the power to give life, therefore, we should not give ourselves the power to take it. In other words, we aren't God. From what I have read, it costs more to try a person in court to try and get the death penalty than it does t…