Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday 9/24/2011

I'm sitting here attempting to decide whether I want to drive all the way up to the mountains to shoot off a few guns for a while. Of course, it would also mean visiting with mom, so not just to shoot off guns. It's a bit of driving, though, something I have already plenty of this week in the semi. Around 3-1/2 hours total driving to go up there and come back.

I still have a goal of saving enough money by next Spring to buy another RV or Travel trailer and have it hauled up there for a semi-permanent situation. What would be even be nicer is to get a hold of one of those Park model trailers and have it placed up there. My mother has invited me to put whatever up there, I think she would just like to see more of her family and whatever that entails, so beit. Park model trailers aren't shabby looking trash, I'm just saying.

I probably won't go that route since those things are usually fairly pricey - at least for me - and I can hopefully find another good, older trailer that will fit the bill. Anyway, if I could save at the same rate I am now, or even up the savings as bit, include that savings with whatever tax return I will get hopefully early next year, that might do the trick.

It is pretty much evident that the trailer tenants aren't going anywhere, anytime soon and I am not going to even hint that they leave. As long as the relationship stays amiable and friendly - of which I see no reason that it would ever sour but you never know - they can stay as long as they need or want to. That thing could make for a nice rental unit whenever that time comes. It is lacking a sewer line running to it, a situation I have had thoughts of rectifying. I can get sewer pipe at work at cost. Actually, there is some sun burnt stuff that I could get for free. It's digging the trench that would really not be so much fun, at all.

So, if I get to it this winter - I would have to rent a Ditch Witch machine to do the trenching for me. I'm guessing a few hours or less and one of those machines would have it knocked out. I have no idea what it costs to rent one of those things for a day, plus I would have to have it delivered and picked up. The problem is, we're not talking a few feet of trench. We're talking about 110 feet of trench. That's only 6 sticks of pipe, which we have available actually, but digging that by hand? Gag. Not in THIS soil which is FULL of rocks!

Meanwhile, I can't decide whether to stay on this property or not. There are too many pro's AND con's to staying here. If I could find a way to bring the payment down another $200 per month, I would be comfortable staying here. But, for the rates that housing is going in this area, the payment I am making now - I am including taxes and insurance - is more than I want to pay and frankly, I could do away with at least 1 tenant if somehow I could get the mortgage company to doing something about this situation. Their standard reply when I ask is that I can do a short-sale and would you like to get the process going?

I haven't replied to that question as I am not ready to go there yet. 2 properties across the street from me are for sale. 1 is a ramshackle, old, single-wide mobile home that I want nothing to do with, the other is an old, double-wide that has more potential. I have no idea what they want for it, but it has a realtor's sign out front. There is no bank financing available for a mobile home that old, either the owner has to be willing to take payments or you have to come up with cash up-front. I know, sounds crazy, but I would far rather live in an old mobile home - as long as it isn't falling apart - than even think about moving into an apartment. I will stay HERE before I end up having to take that route.

I wouldn't mind looking into the double-wide to see if there is any financing available. Could rent that thing out to someone for around $650 per month. It does not have AC, though, it only has roof-mounted evaporative coolers.

Caleb - my son- was finally promoted to cashier position this week. He said they were increasing his pay to a whopping $8 per hour. I had thought they were going to give him more than that, at least $10, but I guess I thought wrong. They are giving him 42 hours this week, though. That's a full-time position if that is going to go on "permanently", I will be interested to see what kind of benefits they will give him. I still have him on my company's health insurance and won't be dropping him anytime soon. I have no idea under the new rules how long I can keep him on, allegedly until age 26 but who knows.

It seemed to take an act of Congress to authorize this new credit card this morning. I have had it for several days - at least - I just haven't had the time to stop and get it authorized. Obviously, they are going to ask you a lot of questions to verify you are who you say you are - plus you have to call on the home phone listed on the account. But after that? "Don't you want our protection service" and on and on and on. No, I don't. Thanks but no thanks. I finally had to interrupt the woman on the other end of the line and inform her that I JUST want to authorize the card, I don't have all day long to do this, thank you.

If nothing else came out of this meeting with management at work, one thing that is a plus did occur: the communication between my manager and I seems to have improved significantly, which, in turn, seems to have reduced a lot of the stress that was in the air. He had brought up that I don't communicate with him, I brought up that when I try to communicate with him, he gets irritated and visibly stressed about it. I'm riding this one out and see where it goes.

The 24th of September and the high today? Slated as high as 107. Unbelievable. There is no rain in any forecast I saw for the next 15 days. I am stuck continuing having to water all plants instead of Mother Nature taking up some of that slack. This summer has been the driest I can remember in any recent history. I have had the water bills to prove it, too.

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