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Saturday 9/24/2011

I'm sitting here attempting to decide whether I want to drive all the way up to the mountains to shoot off a few guns for a while. Of course, it would also mean visiting with mom, so not just to shoot off guns. It's a bit of driving, though, something I have already plenty of this week in the semi. Around 3-1/2 hours total driving to go up there and come back.

I still have a goal of saving enough money by next Spring to buy another RV or Travel trailer and have it hauled up there for a semi-permanent situation. What would be even be nicer is to get a hold of one of those Park model trailers and have it placed up there. My mother has invited me to put whatever up there, I think she would just like to see more of her family and whatever that entails, so beit. Park model trailers aren't shabby looking trash, I'm just saying.

I probably won't go that route since those things are usually fairly pricey - at least for me - and I can hopefully find another good, …