Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday 9/25/2011

I did a very unusual thing - at least for me - this morning. I didn't sleep well last night, so when I got up extremely tired, I just turned around and went back to bed! I slept for 2-1/2 hours and now I feel much better! I don't normally do such a thing, is the point.


I started this entry hours ago but got busy with getting the dogs together and taking them to a doggy park in Gilbert to meet up with the lady that I knew from my teenaged years. Big mistake. Duke is a trouble-maker and likes to start fights. I couldn't even go into the area where all the other dogs were because of his attitude. Basically, when it comes to doggy parks, the only dog I can take with confidence that she won't start trouble is Coco, the Dane/Catahoula mix. If the Danes want to be @$$***** out there, then they can just stay home next time.

Well, we ended up in a large, covered ramada that had picnic tables. My friend said she would take Coco over to the water area since her dog was already over there. Okay. Again, I have no problems with Coco, she will not start trouble with other dogs. She WILL bite back if a dog bites her, I have no problem with that, either. In fact, she can be a REALLY mean dog if another one starts trouble with her. So, Mary takes my dog over to the water area. About 100 yards away, it's a lake - the ramada I was in on one side, the "beach" on the other side of the lake.

She gets Coco over there and lets her loose. I was watching her. She was looking for me. She couldn't have cared less about all the other dogs or people out there, she didn't know where I was but started running along the beach, stopping at every single person - which were quite a few - sniffing and looking and moving on. She got to the edge of the beach and where the fence stops her from going any further, jumped into the lake, swam around the other side of the fence and started running down the sidewalk. Numerous people were yelling to "stop that dog!", thinking someone on the beach owns it and trying to be helpful. I just made my noise that I use to call her, sort of a squeaking sound. She was trotting along at an even pace, she apparently knew where she was going anyway.

I left. Mary wanted to let her dog play in the water and I wasn't going to even think about taking the Danes over there. Next time - just Coco, no Danes. Not sorry, they want to be trouble-makers, they can stay home.

So, the visit was cut short. I spent hours on the phone with Mary 2 nights ago anyway, so no biggies. I am not sure where, if anywhere, this may be leading. She is a nice girl and hasn't changed a bit since 25 years ago. I am not necessarily sure we are compatible, though, she likes to wear the pants in the family and that usually doesn't set very well with me. I am amiable to going as far as 50-50 in such a situation, but I am not a panty-waist and I will not be bossed around. I already had that situation going in my first and only marriage, one of the big reasons we got divorced. We can be friends if nothing else.

Of course, when I decide to make a goal out of something, I then devote more than too much time thinking about how I can get the goal accomplished. In this case, another travel trailer or an RV trailer. It isn't going to happen in the next month. If I can enmasse enough money in the next 6 months, I figure I will be doing well.
The old Buick just broke down again. Caleb panics and doesn't know what to do. It's like 200 yards down the street from my house. He can't get it into neutral to push it back to the house. Apparently he suddenly forgot that on that car, you have to push in the brake pedal to move the lever. So, we push the car back to the house. He takes my car to work and then calls his mother - who calls with a ridiculous, knee-jerk reaction. "Is that car worth fixing? Perhaps you should get rid of it". And then - what - exactly - would Caleb have to drive? The car has run for quite a while now without any breakdown. As long as that continues, it's worth fixing. Much cheaper than car payments and also no contracts - just have it towed, have them figure out what's wrong, fix it, done.

So, they are both off on this tangent that Caleb is going to lose the opportunity to continue training for cashier position because he has no car to get to the location where the training is it, at least that's what he told his mom. His mom, undoubtedly, stirred that particular pot and got it brewing nicely. What I don't get is why? As if we can't work out for him a way to get to the location to train for cashier or that I won't MAKE it happen. This kind of thinking is fatalistic, serves no useful purpose but to put people into fear, and makes life much more difficult than it need be.

I already told Caleb that I would have it towed to a shop tomorrow and that's that!

Ahhhh, whatever. It's Sunday afternoon, weekend is winding down. Deal with the car tomorrow. I have a flat rate towing company that tows for $50. Considering where the car needs to be taken, a good deal.



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