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Sunday 9/25/2011

I did a very unusual thing - at least for me - this morning. I didn't sleep well last night, so when I got up extremely tired, I just turned around and went back to bed! I slept for 2-1/2 hours and now I feel much better! I don't normally do such a thing, is the point.


I started this entry hours ago but got busy with getting the dogs together and taking them to a doggy park in Gilbert to meet up with the lady that I knew from my teenaged years. Big mistake. Duke is a trouble-maker and likes to start fights. I couldn't even go into the area where all the other dogs were because of his attitude. Basically, when it comes to doggy parks, the only dog I can take with confidence that she won't start trouble is Coco, the Dane/Catahoula mix. If the Danes want to be @$$***** out there, then they can just stay home next time.

Well, we ended up in a large, covered ramada that had picnic tables. My friend said she would take Coco ov…