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Monday 9/26/2011

The (nutcase) woman walked through last night and said goodbye, she will probably be gone by the time I get home tomorrow.
Did someone say it's time to throw a party?!!
Okay, I have to go through the pain of renting that room out again, oh well.
2 rooms available. Hmmm. I don't know about the other room yet, the guy paid for it through the 1st, but he hasn't shown up and he hasn't called or emailed me, I am pretty much assuming he isn't coming for whatever reason - but - I cannot legitimately re-rent that room until his paid days are done. I am still going to advertise it, anyway.

This morning, have that old car towed to the shop and find out what's up with it this time. It went a good, long stretch without any major problems. Dunno if it has a major problem now, or what, my guess is another sensor has gone out. Some sensors are cheap - others definitely are not. Hmmmm, you know, one other thing I didn't even look at yesterday, I wonder if there i…