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I am biding my time until bedtime, I am totally exhausted but if I go to bed too early, might as well not go to bed at all. I will wake up around 11/12 and that will be it.

The Neverending Summer. Tomorrow: 102; Thursday: 104; Friday: 104. Some reports have tomorrow at 105.

I was out front of my house earlier looking at the disaster it has now become. Okay, not a total disaster, but there is a lot of work to do out there. Some plants died over the summer, others need trimmed back, a major clean up. Plus cat dung.

The man who told one of my tenants that he was going to have me killed if I catch and dispose of any more cats? One of his cats is on my property, daily. It shits everywhere and thinks of my front yard as it's home. It is going to disappear, very soon. I am going to bait the trap this weekend and I am going to catch it and other cats that are visiting the front of my property and I am going to get rid of them.

If this man is serious about having me killed, …


Worked 10 straight hours today. No breaks, no stopping for nothing, grind - grind - grind all day long. I don't mind working like that, mind you, but I woke up with a sore throat; headache and a low grade fever. It didn't get worse throughout the day, but it definitely didn't get any better, either. I was so extremely thirsty all day long - more than normal, I drank a couple of gallons of water. Yes, it's still warm outside and yes, the workload causes you to sweat out in the hot sun and yes, you get really thirsty.

So, I am at a job-site for a municipality that is replacing "trunk-line" water transmission line. I learned something today at that site. When thinking of replacing 36 inch diameter and larger pipe, you can't just shut the water line down. I didn't know that. The city waterworks department has to reroute water through other lines and keep it flowing. It sounded like the principle of electricity, where they re-route lines wheneve…

Tuesday 9/27/2011

I am not speaking to the woman tenant at all, now.
She has made allegations of "sexual harrasment" in speaking with my trailer tenants. Upon asking how, exacty, I did that or what I said which would qualify for such a serious charge, she had no answer. When I was done with the conversation in their trailer, I left and found the woman sitting directly next to the trailer, smoking a cigarette. She attempted to hide the fact that she was listening or trying to listen in on our conversation, I simply said to her to not speak to me - ever again. She has threatened to take me to court on these allegations, though, in reality, she has nothing to stand on. I have plenty of witnesses, thankfully, of her bizarre behavior around here, my son being the best witness of all.

She had asked my trailer tenants to ask me if she could stay until the 7th, when she gets her money. NO, was my immediate reply to Lynnette to tell her. Not that I wanted to drag Lynnette in the middle of thi…