Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I do get sick of renting rooms when you get people in like this woman from - wherever. I don't want to say hell, I just don't know how these people make it in life. How to do you get to be 59 years old and treat other people, especially people living in the same house you are living and - and ESPECIALLY your landlord - like that?!!!!

That room is rented. Well, tentatively, anyway. A guy came over yesterday and looked at the house and room and then called a while ago and said he wants to move in - on the 15th. This gives me ample time to get this woman out of here if there is an issue.

The room that is already vacated? A guy is coming over to look at it now. It is unfortunate, but at least 50% of the women that have moved into this house have turned out to be bad news, VERY bad news. 2 of them were meth users, 1 was a prostitute (using my house/bedroom to serve her product). The first tenant I ever had was a woman, who turned out to be a lunatic. I have had some great women in here, too, and even now, Lynnette is probably the best female property occupant I have had since the beginning and considering she's been here 19 months, well, she gets the prize. I only say all of that to say that I am pretty much leaning towards favoring guy renters over women whenever the possibility arises.

Who knows. It would be nice to get both rooms re-rented and not have to worry about it. It is interesting that both of these guys have contacted me since I ran my latest room rental ad - which might have been an hour ago. I wonder if they were looking at the ads and saw mine up there. I make it plain that I will not hold rooms for anyone unless they want to put a cash - non-refundable - deposit down.

One thing that has happened at an amazing pace this summer if nothing else comes out of it: my little fishies have grown at an incredibly rapid pace. The Butterfly Koi I bought - was it earlier this year? Has grown several inches and gotten much wider - not fat looking but very nice. I fear for that fish, though, it likes to jump and I'm afraid I'm going to find it jumped out of the water, onto dry land and dead some day. The little fry that ended up in the ponds, especially the one out front, have grown to 1-1/2 to 2 inches. I think those fish are going to have to come out of that pond this winter, but I am not sure yet.

Update: Empty room is rented. Nice guy and his sister came over, they looked at the room and the place and sold, it's a done deal.

The woman, finally, is not talking to me. It took as long as she has been living here to get it down to that point.

I did not feel good today and that's because whatever it is I have caught is down in my lungs now. This is the worst it can get for me, respiratory problems have plagued me since I was a baby with asthma, any kind of illness that has to do with lungs/respiratory simply kicks my ass. I don't call into work sick, but I do ask that after everything is done, I can go home, even if it's short on hours for that day. This week, I am almost 5 hours over already, so that is not an issue, though I did not ask to leave early today, I was half an hour over. My voice is raspy, very deep - gets that way when I have this stuff going on - but it really FEELS bad.

Life always goes on, so what's a person to do? Keep on moving until you can't move anymore. Renting out rooms is a high priority on my list, trust me, it is. I would have to be bedridden to not get up and show a room and the house to a potential renter. Then, I would ask the trailer tenants to show it for me! lol.



Wednesday 9/28/2011

Well, I think I am feeling better than I did yesterday if nothing else, who knows.
The situation here only gets worse as the woman tenant provokes me and is attempting to push my buttons.
I took my home phone out of here last night - there is no way, I thought at the time - that I am going to let her use my phone to trash talk me in my home phone to other people. Although I still feel that, I can't keep the phone because Lynnette uses it and I am not going to punish the entire household for the actions of one - person.

If there is one thing I refuse to tolerate in my home,it's any tenant that refuses to allow me to have peace. This woman is definitely ranking higher and higher on the "worst tenant list". But, I doubt she will penetrate the top 3. I'm guessing at least one long-time reader can figure out at least 2 of the names on the top 3 list, lol.

Well, whatever the case, I am out of time and really, I made 3 entries yesterday, enough.



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