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I felt VERY bad today at work. When I have congestion in my lungs like I do now, it's hard to make it through a day's work. I did a bit over 6 hours, got everything done that had to be done and went home.

But not before being greeted by a surprising sight when I returned back to the branch from my second and final run. In the parking lot were the General Manager's car; the Operations Manager's SUV and the Credit manager's vehicle. As well as some salesmen's vehicles. No clue, whatsoever. I haven't said anything more about the situation that was going on with the missing pallet and then the work ethic accusation since the last email I sent to the Ops manager, which was - early last week.

Lots of thoughts ran through my head, but I was feeling so s*****, I didn't really get too deep into it. In fact, when I feel THAT bad, it really doesn't matter if I am about to get shoved in the face with bad news. I neither expected that kind of news nor…

Thursday 9/29/2011

Both rooms are tentatively rented.
1 to a guy that works at South Mountain Community college - all of 2 miles away and the other to a guy who works 2-1/2 miles away. Both want to be able to ride bikes to work/school. If they both end up moving in, I am guessing this house will be back to normal in terms of people just letting each other live out their lives instead of sticking noses into other people's business.

The woman is allegedly attempting to find a new place to live. She puts on a good enough act at the beginning, finding a room to rent somewhere else should be easy enough. It's after she moves in that I feel sorry for whoever takes her in. Good luck with that.

I have full blown chest congestion that doesn't feel so great and kept me up last night. Not fun, at all. Not enough to make me call into work sick, but at the same time, enough to make me ask if I can go home as soon as whatever work is done - is done. Breathing becomes a chore when I go through …