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Of course, nothing about how I am feeling has changed from this morning. In fact, by the time I got off of work, I was REALLY ready to get home, sit down and take a breather. Our store did over 400k in sales this month, we are sitting pretty and no-one is going to legitimately say that a 2-man crew running a store and making the deliveries were sitting around on their @$$es, doing nothing to get that kind of numbers between - all 2 of us.

I freely admit that when I get sick, I get grumpy. I tell people in the house that before any bugs hit me - cause' I want them to know that information in advance. I pretty much disappear into my bedroom or, if I'm out "here" - my computer setup is next to the kitchen area - and I don't seem very talkative, there is a reason for it. The woman tells me the phone isn't working. I don't want her speaking to me for any reason, at all, at this point. I simply told her to leave me alone, thank you. She beelines it for …

Friday 2/30/2011

"Tell me when September's gone".
It's gone - almost. Today and we officially head into cooler temp October. At least in theory. Or perhaps more accurately: historically.

I woke up early this morning, like an hour early. Congested lungs; mucous coming out of my nose - hope you weren't eating, lol - felt like crap. Nice way to start a work day, aye? Got in the shower, turned it on hot and breathed the steam in for a while. I actually don't feel one iota better after taking that shower, oh well. One thing that does seem to help, though, is drinking a LOT of fluids, all day long.

So, I see in the online headlines that this al-awlaki character has been killed. Good riddance, that's all I can say about a "man" that is born in America, then turns on his own homeland and tries to have some of it's citizens killed. Treason is one of the few things that I will give a nod to - just kill them. This is worse than treason, imo, because of t…