Friday, September 30, 2011

Items Of Interest

Of course, nothing about how I am feeling has changed from this morning. In fact, by the time I got off of work, I was REALLY ready to get home, sit down and take a breather. Our store did over 400k in sales this month, we are sitting pretty and no-one is going to legitimately say that a 2-man crew running a store and making the deliveries were sitting around on their @$$es, doing nothing to get that kind of numbers between - all 2 of us.

I freely admit that when I get sick, I get grumpy. I tell people in the house that before any bugs hit me - cause' I want them to know that information in advance. I pretty much disappear into my bedroom or, if I'm out "here" - my computer setup is next to the kitchen area - and I don't seem very talkative, there is a reason for it. The woman tells me the phone isn't working. I don't want her speaking to me for any reason, at all, at this point. I simply told her to leave me alone, thank you. She beelines it for the trailer tenants and then Lynnette comes in - not making demands of course - but I wasn't real happy that this woman was using other tenants to try and somehow force me into doing what she wants.

However, turning the phone on was the only thing to do. Not that I turned it off - who knows what happened to it. It's a VOIP phone - run by broadband - and it subject to things happening from time to time. In reality, if that woman being on the phone means getting her out of here, please use it until the battery dies, thank you.

Meanwhile, the newest tenant comes in and hands me money. That's always a good sign. I was giving him the last days of this month free. It worked out well for him since he's going on vacation this weekend but needed to have a new place by - the end of today, of course, this is the last day of the month.

Across the street. That home has been vacated for a couple of months now. Unfortunately, the owner is dying of cancer and left to go live with her daughter - a couple of months ago. That house has been up for sale, though there has been no for sale sign in front of it.

So who buys it? Let me apply the term "neighborhood bully" here. That's right, the ex-con, felon who was dealing drugs out of his house and spent 9 years in prison. Actually, his mother is buying it, even though he is braggadociously going around to everyone (excpet me, I want nothing to do with this freak of nature) that he bought it for 13K. His mother is rich. This is NOT the person I wanted to be buying this property. However, he has a brand new house, so what he is going to do with this property is a mystery. If any part of the plan is to harass me, the police will be involved. He has NOTHING else to do but mess with other people. He doesn't work, couldn't get a job if he DID want to work and hangs out with the 37 year old meth user who is still living with his parents that has NEVER left home - who lives across the street from him - both 2 houses down from me.

The absolute bad part about this whole deal is that his mother believes he is a lily white angel, even IF he spent 9 years in prison. If it weren't for her, he would be living on the streets or in shelters. Whatever the case, I had had thoughts of trying to get the place - for around that amount actually - but I didn't have that much money on hand. Mother lives in a rich area of town, I know this because I have looked all of this up on the tax assessor's website - completely free and lo and behold, gives out all KINDS of information. This dude says he owns the property. NIX. His MOTHER owns the property, it is in her name.

So, if he starts his junk with me again, I am going to bring up the fact that he pays for nothing, it is common knowledge that his mother pays his way in life. I'm not sorry. I keep to myself around this neighborhood excepting those few, normal people that do live here. People call this a mobile home park. There are old, trashy mobile homes - 30 years and older - dilapidated and falling apart. It doesn't LOOK like a mobile home park, however, we all have much larger lots than any park will ever give out. My plot of land is 8,000 square feet, I have never seen any mobile home park giving out that much square footage per lot. Regardless, there are "stick-built" (regular) houses here as well, they started building them when the city of Phoenix decided to give tax reductions to those that would build such here.

The people that bought the 2 story house across the street? Are out there making their Harley's howl. I have been listening to this for about 45 minutes now. These people moved in maybe 2 years ago now, wanted nothing to do with anyone on the street and have their one - rather large group - of people from a small town named "Guadalupe" who come over on a regular - nightly basis. I wouldn't care but those motorcycles make a lot of noise. Right through double-paned windows and 6 inch exterior framing. I get sick of it and am considering calling the police. There is no HOA here, if you have a problem, you have 2 alternatives: go to the people and politely ask them to quiet down or call the police. I have found that asking people politely in this neighborhood equates to talking to a brick wall.

They have people coming at night as well. These people have those deep-woofer/obnoxiously loud stereo systems blasting at 2am. 3am. Whenever-they-feel-like-it-AM. I am also quite sick of that. My room is approximately 85 feet away from the street, yet that noise wakes me up frequently. I don't want to start another neighbor war, but I am not willing to let this go on forever. If I start calling the police about noise, they WILL show up and they WILL tell them to lower the volumes.

Cats. Tonight. I am putting out tuna fish in the trap tonight. Another intolerable situation, I am going to rid my front yard of cats. They will be taken to the river bottom or some other suitable place where they can hunt for their own food or they can find new residence. I won't kill them, but they aren't going to continue to s*** and piss on my property anymore.

Other than that, it's been a great day!


Friday 2/30/2011

"Tell me when September's gone".
It's gone - almost. Today and we officially head into cooler temp October. At least in theory. Or perhaps more accurately: historically.

I woke up early this morning, like an hour early. Congested lungs; mucous coming out of my nose - hope you weren't eating, lol - felt like crap. Nice way to start a work day, aye? Got in the shower, turned it on hot and breathed the steam in for a while. I actually don't feel one iota better after taking that shower, oh well. One thing that does seem to help, though, is drinking a LOT of fluids, all day long.

So, I see in the online headlines that this al-awlaki character has been killed. Good riddance, that's all I can say about a "man" that is born in America, then turns on his own homeland and tries to have some of it's citizens killed. Treason is one of the few things that I will give a nod to - just kill them. This is worse than treason, imo, because of the nature of what this man did. This guy was an arrogant, cocky, SOB, sitting in front of cameras acting as if he were invincible.

Weekend is almost here, I am spending it doing much of nothing, I guess, to help try and get past this bug. New tenant moved in last night, don't remember if I posted that last night or not, the woman is allegedly moving out Saturday morning (and I'll be sure to steer well clear of her during that time/good riddance).



Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...